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Man In Critical Condition After Jump From Coney Island Pier

Source: Marie Berne/Flickr

New York Police Department and Fire Department divers rushed to the scene early this morning after receiving a call that a man jumped from Steeplechase Pier and never came up for air.

The 29-year-old man jumped into the water from the West 16th Street pier at approximately 2:30 a.m. to “join two women who were swimming in the ocean nearby,” according to the Daily News. He did not surface.

It took the divers nearly an hour to locate the man and pull him from the water 14 blocks away at West 30th.

He was taken to Coney Island Hospital and listed in critical condition, according to the Post.

Coney Island’s beach, like all city beaches, are only open between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. Swimming is prohibited when lifeguards are not on duty. Jumping from Steeplechase Pier is strictly prohibited at all times.

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  1. That’s what happens when you chase p*ssy!! Its a powerful thing
    Don’t judge, it is sad but true.
    Women wanted equality and got it. But still expect men to pay for dinners, concerts etc. Even to go to a lounge – $40 cover for men, women go free.!
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    I work in a bank, and statistically women have way more savings than men do.
    It’s a powerful thing, more powerful than one could imagine.

  2. Obvious something very wrong with your mental state. Women having more equality has nothing to do with the disappointment & anger you have with your life.

  3. Trust me my friend, I have no disappointment or anger in my life.
    A LOT of men would support the fact, A LOT.!
    I have no problem with women being equal, I’m all for it.
    But somehow you missed the main idea of the paragraph.

    And you not agreeing with me doesn’t make me mentally unstable or make it seem like I have some kind of anger.

  4. Pretty sure he went unconscious at some point. I think there’s some time from drowning until you’re past saving.

  5. Thank God I’m not filthy rich cause with with comments like above I’d probably be under pressure from all NY liberals to sell my sports team

  6. See sadeyes?
    All the NYC liberals are jumping in to support you. 6 “likes” already!!
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  7. Thank God that he did not wind up hurting the two ladies. Our neighborhood has its share of retards and wack jobs.

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