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Coney Island Hospital’s Sandy Recovery Racks Up $200 Million Price Tag


The “all in” costs for repairing Coney Island Hospital (2601 Ocean Parkway) and upgrading it to be better prepared for future storms is approximately $200 million, Health and Hospitals Corporation President Alan Aviles told Sheepshead Bites during a press conference yesterday.

Aviles led U.S. Senator Charles Schumer and reporters on a tour of the facility, showing off the hospital’s progress nearly two and a half months after Superstorm Sandy. The two announced that repairs to the city’s public hospitals in the wake of the storm and necessary improvements will cost $810 million – an amount included in the $51 billion aid being considered in Congress.

The price tag includes $180 million for revenue loss at HHC hospitals because of the flooding, as the hospitals continue to pay employees even though inpatient units and emergency units remain closed. The largest chunk of the $810 million price tag, though, comes from permanent reconstruction and hazard mitigation costs, which rack up $472.5 million. This includes replacing electrical and mechanical systems, relocating them to high floors, and entirely rebuilding Coney Island Hospital’s Ida Israel Community Health Center (2201 Neptune Avenue), which was completely destroyed by Sandy.

“We estimate that the costs of the immediate response and restoration work required to get the hospitals back up, and the long-term protections we need to put in place to prevent future evacuations due to storm damage, including the loss in revenues, will easily exceed $800 million,” Aviles said.

At least $20 million of the requested $810 million will be spent on improving storm preparation and response infrastructure, including hardening vulnerable facilities, assessing integrity of building and re-positioning boilers and generators.

Located nearly a mile away from the Sheepshead Bay bulkhead, and a mile-and-a-half from the Atlantic Ocean, a 14-foot storm surge barreled through the facility and flooded the basements and first floor. The emergency department was entirely wiped out, forcing 200 patients to evacuate. During a tour nearly a month after the storm, much of the facility’s first floor was gutted down to the bare frame.

Yesterday, though, construction in the hospital’s emergency room and other first-floor facilities was nearly complete, and administrators announced that they will resume inpatient behavioral health services with the opening of all of its 64 inpatient psychiatric beds by Monday, January 14. They are also beginning to move a slew of outpatient primary and specialty clinic services back to its main Ocean Parkway building.

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  1. do they really need that much money for such a shitty hospital? i mean, compared to every other hospital i think coney island is one of the shittiest…. the nurses all need to get fired for not doing their jobs properly.

  2. When was the last time you had anything to do with that hospital? I admit that years ago it was shitty. There used to be an 18 hour wait to be admitted from the emergency room. Now since they opened the Tower Building, it’s about three. I’ve had much dealings with that hospital because my sister was admitted there about a half dozen times between 2009 and 2011. I found the care to be excellent and the personnel extremely courteous and eager to please. Whenever I wanted an update, i usually was able to speak to a doctor within five minutes of my request. Twice I had to wait 20 minutes because he was in a meeting. The only problem I had was once with Social Services.

    In fact, dealing with Coney Island Hospital caused me the least stress of any other hospital I’ve had to deal with. But, I never was a patient there, so my opinion might have differed if that were the case.

  3. I absolutely disagree with Shadowlock and absolutely agree with BrooklynBus. I’ve been a patient of the hospital for 2 years and I can say that the atmosphere is good and the doctors and nurses are high qualified and very caring. They saved my life.

  4. My mother has been there twice, once for serious shit. I don’t think it deserves the reputation it gets. Her stay there was pretty decent, I mean it IS a hospital and all that that entails.

    What is shitty there is the emergency room. It’s overcrowded, One can see why. People coming in there because they sneezed twice. One woman on a stretcher near us said casually “oh yeah, I always come here”, then tried to intimidate the workers into taking her first by yelling and screaming and feigning greater illness (I felt like shoving the stretcher down the freakin aisle).

    The emergency area is a zoo, and dangerous to those that need help quickly. But the rest of the hospital is better than its reputation deserves. We had a wonderful guy helping my mom, who I had to physically force to take my “bribe” at the end of her stay there.

    Concerning the 800 million, I’m wondering about that, myself. Doesn’t sound practical or doable, given budget constraints. Come on guys, tighten the belts a little!

  5. […] The reopening of the Labor & Delivery unit marks one of the final steps in Coney Island Hospital’s service recovery. Just about all units and services have returned to the hospital, including badly-needed 911 intake. The hospital shut down entirely in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, as water damaged the institution’s equipment and infrastructure, and rendered destruction in the facility’s ground floors. Repairs to the hospital and preventative measures for future floods are expected to cost more than $200 million. […]

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