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Coney Island Hospital Evacuated

Photo courtesy of MDanalakis via Flickr
Photo courtesy of Maria Danalakis

Authorities evacuated Coney Island Hospital and its emergency room yesterday, transferring patients to facilities in better-faring parts of the city following Hurricane Sandy.

Coney Island Hospital was in a flood zone and has been using generators since the hurricane caused power outages across Southern Brooklyn.

The evacuation began yesterday afternoon, according to a notice being posted on their website at 6:30 p.m. Additionally, the notice states:

Because of the urgent and evolving situation, family members may not be notified of a patient’s new healthcare facility location until after the transfer takes place. In addition, the hospital is experiencing problems with the phone system and is not able to receive calls at this time. Staff are making every effort to communicate with family members as patients are safely placed in the appropriate healthcare facility. Thanks for your patience and please check back for updates.

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  1. Considering the number of hospitlas evacuated due to being located in Flood Prone Areas plus hospitals whose ’emergency back up generators’ failed, I can only fear the worst if we ever have a Category 2 or more Event. Many would die. This is a preview of how ill prepared our medical centers really are for severe weather.

  2. I am Brooklyn resident and on November
    15th I had terrible medical emergency. So, I went to Coney Island
    Hospital. It was closed due to hurricane damage.
    But emergency room was re-opened day before and couple of doctors
    started seeing patients. Social worker (Lilia Cherkasova and Valentina)
    was extremely helpful and helped me arrange medical appointment in a
    very short time.
    I was able to get and exam, lab test and fill in my
    prescription at very short time. All the personal was very helpful and
    I would love to express my warmest gratitude to all the
    people who helped me and all other Brooklyn residents in need in this
    difficult time: Monica Bogumil RN, Jasmine Alovera RN, Leonid Mirakov RN
    and Yehudis Weiss, PA.
    Alevtina Guk

  3. […] Administrators also spoke of how emergency evacuation training in the wake of Hurricane Irene paid off. When power to the building went and communication between personnel and administrators ceased, doctors, nurses and other staff members responded quickly and without guidance. As water began to seep into the emergency room after the storm surge, they rapidly evacuated their 24 patients into upper floors of the hospital. […]

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