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Coney Island Avenue Car Accident Leaves Pedestrian In Critical Condition

Avenue X and Coney Island Avenue (Source: Google Maps)
Avenue X and Coney Island Avenue (Source: Google Maps)

A man is in critical condition after being hit by a car on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue X early Saturday morning.

The incident happened around 5:15 a.m. According to a passenger of the Toyota Tundra truck that hit the man, the victim ran into the street.

“We were going home. He was running across the street. It happened in a split second … he came out of nowhere running fast,” the passenger told the Daily News. “We were all in shock.”

Intersections along Coney Island Avenue are among the highest incident rates for pedestrian strikes within the 61st Precinct, with the worst intersection being two blocks away at Avenue Z. The NYPD announced earlier this month that they would increase enforcement as part of the citywide Vision Zero initiative.

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  1. Your link to the Daily News is about someone crossing the Grand Central Parkway, not this accident.

    If the account by the passenger is accurate, there is not much any driver could do about that. No increased enforcement would help. You have to ask, was the pedestrian being chased, was his act intentional, or was he just careless?

  2. it’s insurance money baby! of course the driver needs to take a stand. sure hope the ped gets better soon.

  3. Lets make up a new laws in order to punish and extort more money from drivers…just because lunatics pedestrians think they own the roads. For some freaking reason drivers have to be extra careful when morons stare at their smartphone and cross against the light or when pedestrians decides to make a sudden run right in front of the car…..Yes lets blame drivers

  4. And you are blaming the pedestrian without knowing the facts, which is just as bad. What if the guy was being chased by a bunch of thugs and was fleeing for his life? Would he still be a lunatic then?

  5. I can’t seem to understand one thing:
    why are you calling yourself a “driver” and call pedestrians “they”?
    aren’t you freaking both? you don’t walk from a car to home work etc. which makes you a “pedestrian”?
    Or you just drive a car and don’t walk ever?
    Morons like you just make me sick

  6. No matter who is at fault we need to blame that ultra high capacity pickup truck for all of this. There is no need to be able to have such a truck on public roads when all you need is a smart car that has one pocket for your iphone. 89% of people agree we dont need these big vehicles. Do it for the children.

  7. How am I going fit my 3 young kids in a smart car……they told me papa please don’t do it for the kids…especially during winter time they will hold grouches against me…

  8. There isn’t a time when we’re driving down Coney Island Avenue when someone isn’t crossing in the middle of the street between Avenue X and Y especially when it’s busy!!! It is so annoying.

  9. According to a passenger of the Toyota Tundra truck that hit the man, the victim ran into the street.

    Seriously? We’re simply taking the word of a passenger in the van, without even looking for independent verification?

    If the driver ran a red light or was speeding, did anybody expect the passenger to freely say so?

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