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Con Edison May Compensate For Spoiled Food Due To Power Outages


Super reader Ilan. P just informed us of a little-known claim form on Con Edison’s website, allowing residents to be reimbursed up to $450 for actual losses of food spoiled due to lack of refrigeration from a power outage. Furthermore, they’ll reimburse businesses up to $9,000 for actual losses of perishable merchandise spoiled due to lack of refrigeration.

With thousands of residences and businesses out of power for this long, it’s no wonder Con Edison is staying hush-hush about this particular claim. But all the info can be found on their website.

Huge thanks to Ilan. Hopefully this helps some of our residents and local businesses get back on their feet in the face of the awful economic toll of Hurricane Sandy.

Clarification (5:15 p.m.): As many readers have pointed out, Con Edison has clearly stated they will not reimburse for food lost due to Hurricane Sandy. However, since the storm has left the area, several parts of the neighborhood that had power throughout the ordeal have since lost it, or others where it was restored later lost it again. It wasn’t clear in the original post, but we’re encouraging those of you who’ve experiences power outages after having power following the storm to apply for this compensation. We do not guarantee you will receive anything, but it’s worth the 10 minutes if you do.

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  1. The problem is where it’s stated on the site: “The information below does not apply to outages resulting from Hurricane Sandy.”
    That doesn’t sound like they are reimbursing anyone, including myself who is still without electric on Voorhies Avenue. (??)

  2. i asked con ed about this and they said because the power outage was due to Sandy it wouldn’t qualify for this $ – so like everything with con ed its not very clear at all

  3. Just came from the con edison link… that is outrageous, who keeps receipts for for food? Most people stocked up just before the storm, spending hundreds. My dad is still in the dark after 9 days and lost all his food. I think if the power has been off that long con edison should give those people an automatic reimbursement of some set amount! All the forms, the receipts and pictures of spoiled food, that’s just to deter people! Again another super job by con ed!

  4. People: It’s true, they won’t cover outages due to Sandy. But some power was shut off before Sandy, and since Sandy there have also been major outages. Just today, we’ve heard of two sections that have had power since Sandy have now gone out. They certainly can file a claim – it takes 10 minutes – so why not?

  5. I also realized that they will only reimburse customers with con-ed accounts. I live in a development which is powered by Con-Ed, but I get a bill from my development each month – not the electric company.

  6. I can’t wait to see their company con all replaced by another its been a long time coming!! See ya

  7. Are others in Manhattan Beach still with only partial power like my parents? They haven’t been able to get the heat going since all of the power hasn’t been restored.

  8. You should take down this post. You made a mistake. People are now sharing this around giving the false impression that there’s a chance of reimbursement. You’re getting people’s hopes up. The correction isn’t enough. It seems like you don’t want to admit it’s a mistake.

  9. I can just imagine the “honesty” of people, were ConEd to reimburse for lost food. I told 5 people about it (when I mistakenly believed it) and 5 people told me to lie and pad the bill, even though I lost only about 10 bucks of food.

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