Southern Brooklyn

Con Ed Shuts Power


NewsOne is reporting that ConEd has shut power from Shell Road to Gravesend Neck Road, from East 15th Street to East 16th Street from Coney Island Creek to the Atlantic Ocean and Sheepshead Bay to the East.

We’re also hearing of numerous power outages and wires down throughout our area.

Stay home. Stay safe.

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  1. I’m flippin out! This transformer across the street from me keeps lighting up! Also just saw a mini explosion around 21st/22nd street around avenue w or x

  2. Do you guys know when they will restore power? And is the worst of the storm over? The winds here on ave Y and east 7th died down.

  3. i live right there and left to my parents house. how are things over there,
    are the streets flooded? did first floor appartments get flooded?

  4. Can anyone tell me what happened to the power in Manhattan Beach? did ConEd voluntarily turn off the power, or did it happen because of the storm – heavy flooding? I am in Israel and can’t get thru by phone, so any updates from Amherst, Beaumont and Coleridge Streets will be greatly appreciated. Thanks you and stay safe and secure.

  5. Is there any flooding or power outage around ave y and east 11th? I have family there but cannot get in touch with them.

  6. When will the power be restored? I live in L.A. but my brother and sister, nieces and nephews live in Brooklyn. Their cell phones don’t work and frankly, I am very concerned. What’s the situation on Neck Road between V & W?

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