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Community Board Leaders Lose Parking Privileges


Community board leaders are about to lose one of their sweetest perks: a parking placard that lets them park anywhere in the city for free for up to three hours.

The free parking privilege, which has been enjoyed for years by the chairs of each of the 59 community boards, is coming to an end come February 1, according to a report in the New York Post.

The mayor’s order to revoke the passes has naturally met a degree of resistance, and in some cases, outright indignation from community board leaders.

Our own Theresa Scavo, from Community Board 15 wants an alternative to the loss of the golden “free parking” placard, like a prepaid MetroCard.

“Now I take the train to the city out of my own pocket and there is no reimbursement fee,” Scavo told the Post.

According to the Post, only the volunteer board leaders will lose their passes while the paid district managers will still retain their placards.

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  1. It seems your reporting is inaccurate. A paid City employee with a parking permit is a perk. I am a volunteer who works full time for the betterment of our community. I never spoke to you on this issue and I have no idea where you got your information. I never said anything about a prepaid metro card to anyone. Also, the permit does not allow free parking anywhere as you stated, it merely allows me to park free of charge at a meter for 3 hours. As Chairperson, I attend hearings and meetings on a daily basis. The permit assists me in my ability to park quickly and at no additional cost to me. CB15’s offices are located at Kingsborough where I personally paid for a parking permit. I never asked for reimbursement from anyone and never will. Ned, try looking at the real reason behind this move by the Mayor.

  2. Thanks for writing, Theresa. We didn’t do ANY reporting here, and it’s clearly attributed to NY Post:

    That said, I don’t think anything in our post states one way or the other whether or not there should be a parking privilege for CB chairs, and, quite frankly, as someone who sees you at just about every meeting I attend, I can see why such a privilege is justified. The point of the article, though, is to just get out there that the mayor has taken it away. I can’t, however, draw any conclusions about WHY the mayor has done this, and will leave the speculation to others.

  3. What a shame! Hunting “community leadership” positions for the perks…. In other words – get a license to STEAL form the the very same communities.

  4. What’s the big deal? These people are volunteers. They should have some perks. It seems vindictive and petty on the part of Bloomturd to revoke these permits. It’s like he has some kind of hidden agenda to get rid of community boards.

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