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Common Ground Skate Shop Opens On Coney Island Avenue

Source: Common Ground

Skate shop Common Ground opened at 3105 Coney Island Avenue.

Aside from decks and all the trimmings, they offer “footwear staples such as Adidas, Converse, Supra and Vans,” as well as time-tested skate brand favorites like Stussy, Obey, Diamond, Patagonia and more.

Skate, don’t walk, and check out the new neighborhood shop.

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  1. Can someone explain to me how its possible that a place like Williamsburg or Parkslope have underground skateparks but Coney Island doesn’t have one public/open skate park by the boardwalk? 

    It’s just a no fucking brainer….

  2. Does the Abe Stark rink just do ice? 
    Speaking for myself I am not one to wear rented skates or shoes. 

  3. I’m not taking about a ring, but an actual “arena” that they tend to have for skate boarding, roller skating and stunt biking. 

  4. Something like a “Wheel Themed” park? Bloomie would never let something like that get over for free! Not in C.I. anyway.

  5. This is what I was talking about. They have these all over California and Miami near beaches. There is no reason we shouldn’t have one or two in Brighton/Coney Island.

  6. I think it would be spectacular. But, I could hear the objections already. 
    While I have your attention,,,,,I was just driving south in the service lane on O.P. and noticed 2 speed bumps between N + O.  In the SERVICE LANE!! That is an odd venue for DOT or whoever to approve.

  7. That’s such bullshit. If the cops properly patrol the area such hooligan lowlives that can’t stick to doing drugs in private will be chased away. There’s no reason that innocent people should lose out on something good because of a few morons.

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