Closing Up Shop: Noella Brew Bar, Get Reel Video, and Galaxy Comics on Seventh


noella brew bar via fb

Noella Brew Bar, the cozy coffee shop at Seventh Avenue and Berkeley Place, announced this morning that Sunday March 3 will be its last day of business. Owner Melissa Rapoport says the change is a “sad and happy” one:

Why sad? The only reason: Our community. Some of you I have seen every day for the last 20 years. Our customers, our staff … that’s what made this decision the most difficult. I will miss you all and hope that we find another way to connect.

Why happy? The universe has lined up to say, “Melissa, after 20 years in the coffee business it’s time to make a change.” I am back in school, working on my certification as a health counselor. This will put my masters in developmental psychology to work, allowing me to help people make positive and lasting changes in their lives. That’s my path.

Noella has been a strong part of the community since it opened in December 2011, joining forces with yarn shop Stitch Therapy and hosting live music and literature events. Melissa and company will be celebrating the end of a long and happy run in the coffee world with a post-closing get-together at 6:00 p.m. on March 3. For more information, contact [email protected].

The news of Noella’s closing comes as another hit in a week that’s bringing a lot of goodbyes. We talked yesterday about Urban Alchemist‘s last few weeks, and both Get Reel Video (70 Fifth Avenue) and Galaxy Comics (123 Seventh Avenue) have confirmed that they’ll be out by March 1 and March 31, respectively.

Both locations are holding going-out-of-business sales, so stock up while the getting’s good. Get Reel, citing a “changing video business,” says they could unfortunately “no longer compete with the power of the internet” and are now selling off their inventory. Galaxy Comics has plenty of comics and collectibles at 50%, as well as statues at 25% off. According to Here’s Park Slope, their Fifth Avenue location is staying open.

How do you guys feel about it? It’s always sad to see local businesses go, and it especially stings to lose the non-restaurants since restaurants seem to be the only businesses coming in. Which isn’t to say that the new restaurants aren’t exciting, but is there something else you’d like to see fill up the empty spots? Either way, these guys will certainly be missed.

Photo via Noella Brew Bar

  • lisa

    1. No one rents videos anymore
    2. Noella was terrible and she opened on the same block as highly successful cafe regular du nord and cafe dada (you can see both establishments out the window of Noella) and both have FAR better coffee.
    3. A comic store on a 2nd floor location on 7th avenue didn’t last?? you don’t say….
    4. Urban Alchemist was nice, if not overpriced.

    No big losses here, in my opinion. Sad for the owners and hand full of shoppers, but it’s time Park Slope businesses start catering to the actual population of Park Slope and not some bygone era fictional account of what Park Slope was 20 years ago.

  • lisa

    Or how about some place to buy decent mens clothing? Rag and Bone, Steve Alan, Odin, something along those lines. Every man I know has to leave the Slope to go shopping for clothing, and many want to shop local. What about a nice shoe store than isn’t Payless or used? Soula was okay but far from a good selection for 2013 tastes. How about a Keihls? Most people around these parts don’t shower with Ivory so it only makes sense to think of things that most Brooklynites have to travel to Manhattan for and give it to them here. Not in a hovel or a shack, but in a place that makes you feel good about shopping there. Manhattan knows how to do this well, Cobble Hill has figured it out (Atlantic Avenue is a shoppers paradise!) but business owners in Park Slope seem like greedy bastards willing to take any tenant that comes in off the street. It’s pretty sad how much affluence is in this market and how many people TRULY WANT to shop local but have very little in the way of quality shopping or eating/drinking. Hell, go clone some of the great stuff opening up in Williamsburg! At least those places are successful and don’t look as though they are replicas of my granny’s basement!