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Closing Up Shop: B’Nai Tzedukah Thrift and La Vedette


bnai tzedukah

Another week, another batch of store closings. Both B’nai Tzedukah Thrift (66 Fifth Avenue) and La Vedette (43 Fifth Avenue) have signs in their windows announcing their upcoming closures. They seem to still be open, and are even promoting everything-must-go sales, but both were closed during their normally scheduled hours on Sunday.

B’nai Tzedukah has become an under-the-radar favorite among thrifters since it opened in 2011, for its unbeatable pricing (clothing is rarely, if ever, over $4.99) and unusual bric-a-brac. The entire inventory is currently 50% off.

la vedette

Contemporary women’s boutique La Vedette is technically moving locations rather than closing. No news yet on where that new location will be– calls to the store have gone unanswered– but their announcement says that the entire store (“all clothing, wall fixtures, and more”) will be sold at 50-80% off. Get in there fast; the shop closes its doors for good at the end of the week.

With all of these closings, it’s interesting to think about the places that will step in. What sort of establishments will maintain enough business to thrive, especially in these vacancies which are so close to Barclays and rumored to have such extreme rents? Conversation began to get heated last week when we were discussing the end of Noella, Galaxy, and Get Reel Video. Do you think Park Slope is failing to cater to some of its demographics?

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  1. What demographic needs yet another women’s boutique in a neighborhood full of them and a crappy thrift shop? Neither made much of a mark. Neither will be missed.

  2. the owner of the thrift store is an evil POS, so I’m pretty stoked to hear he’s out of bizness. but now where will I find overpriced lacquered statuettes from the 80’s for my life-size reconstruction of the house from Scarface???

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