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City To Launch Website To Track Snow Plows


The city will soon implement a GPS-powered website allowing residents to check on the location and schedule of snow plows in future blizzards, reports the New York Daily News.

The GPS technology that New York City will use is modeled after an initiative in Chicago, which displays the location of snow plows on a website, and pairs it with routes so residents can see where it’s going next. The new transparency initiative comes in response to the bungled plow jobs during the December 26 blizzard, when the city claimed streets were plowed when they actually were not.

It is still unclear how much the project will cost and when will the service be available.

What do you think? Will this help when we get hit with another major blizzard?

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  1. It will cost an arm and a leg as with any NYC project but it would be good to have to make sure that they are actually doing their job and not parked by a D&D getting OT while enjoying a coffee and a doughnut

  2. Now you will be able to see when a snow plow is pulling in to your street and have time to move your car before it gets fucked up by the snow plow! Great idea city! 

  3. Now it will be recorded when streets in Sheepshead Bay go unplowed for a week. I have pics of a woman walking with a seeing eye dog on the UNPLOWED avenues.

  4. As a warning to people with driveways…..get your cars in the F in there and give the rest of the slobs a break. many people dig in and out for folks that do not use their driveways in times of emergency.

  5. Here in New York its not different from most places in the third world. One act of corruption leads to another. The sanitation union screwed to people of the city and was enabled by poor supervision – corruption from the top down. Now those same corrupt administrators give millions of tax dollars to dubious consulting firms and overpay for a dubious system. Remember these are the same people who equipped buses with $10,000 gps units that you or I could buy for $400. These people stealing our hard earned money time after time.

  6. At least one person,maybe more, guaranteed to me that there would be a full-blown investigation of last year’s dunkin-donuts-sitting performance by the sanitation department. Yeah right, in this town, sure. I’m still awaiting…instead, as the gentleman above posted, we get additional wasteful spending.

    Who’s going to be watching the trucks on GPS? Probably the guys who were sitting in Dunkin Donuts last snowstorm!

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