Park Slope

City Sub: Closed For Renovation Or Moving?


City Sub closed
Oh City Sub, how you’re playing with our hearts (and stomachs). The sandwich shop located at 450 Bergen Street, which has never had long enough hours in our hero-loving opinion, is now apparently temporarily closed up — but what’s coming up next for them is a bit of a mystery.

Last week a sign popped up in the window announcing they’d be moving to a new location on the same block. But by yesterday afternoon, the windows had all been papered over, and a new sign was up:

City Sub closed sign
According to this one, they’re closed because of “demolition and pending renovation of the building,” though there don’t appear to be any permits for work through the Department of Buildings yet.

We’ve tried to reach out for more info, but no one’s been answering their phone number for the past few days. Here’s hoping they’re back up and running soon — and that they can stand a little competition from another hero spot, Parm, which will be opening just around the corner this fall.