Southern Brooklyn

City Marshals Shutter Paradise Garden Restaurant


New York City marshals evicted Paradise Garden Restaurant and Nightclub from the property at 2814 Emmons Avenue on Monday for failure to pay rent.

According to neighbors, the owners of the restaurant failed to pay rent and taxes for two years. The Marshal’s office was unable to confirm this information by press time due to a computer malfunction.

The property owner, Gennady Borokhovich, could not be reached for comment. Borokhovich himself is in hot water after being named in a Texas lawsuit for his alleged role in a mortgage fraud scheme in 2011.

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  1. The fact that it took two years  to close this business down is appalling. If an individual was faced with a similar dilemma, you can bet city marshals would be all over it a lot sooner.

  2. Its not a fact that it took 2 years. “Marshals office unable to confirm”. I am sure the the neighbors dont have access to either parties financial records.

  3. Also, even if they didn’t pay rent for two years, it’s up to the owner to petition the court for action. So the process only starts once he does that.

  4. There is more than enough space here to accomodate a combined Cell Phone/Sushi Restaurant/Pharmacy.  

  5. This might be somewhat related: 

    “It takes much longer than that in Florida, where the process averages 1,027 days, nearly 3 years. In D.C., foreclosure averages 1,053 days and delinquent borrowers in New York often stay in their homes for an average of 906 days.”

    Yep, mortgage/rent free:

    “And while some borrowers are looking for ways to make good with lenders and get their homes back, many aren’t paying a dime. Nearly 40% of homeowners in default have not made a payment in at least two years, according to LPS.
    Many of these homeowners are staying in their homes based on a technicality. There is rarely any dispute over whether or not they have stopped paying their mortgage, said David Dunn, a partner at law firm Hogan Lovells in New York, who represents banks and other financial institutions in foreclosure cases.” 

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