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City Lifts Advisory Urging Against Recreational Water Activities


According to a release by the New York Times, the city environmental officials lifted an advisory on recreational water activity issued last month after Superstorm Sandy. The environmental advisory applied to the East River, Hudson River, New York Harbor, Jamaica Bay and the Kill Van Krull.

The advisory was put into effect after power outages caused wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations to discharge untreated wastewater in New York City waterways.

The recreational advisory urged against activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing or any other water activity that would entail possible direct contact with the water.

In related news, the Gateway National Recreational Area announced that it reopened both the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and Great Kills Park, however Floyd Bennett Field is still closed.

None of those advisories stopped the local Brighton Beach resident featured above from testing out the cold waters of Brighton Beach by going for a risky swim six days before the advisory was lifted.

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  1. Now can they put alternates back.
    It would be easier at this point (and a few weeks ago) to just not ticket the tagged vehicles. There are still cars out there marked November 9-14th!

  2. As I finished my run at Bay 1 and boardwalk yesterday (Monday), local favorite Gary Atlas was getting ready for his daily swim. He invited me to join him, and I politely declined.

  3. Years (25-30) ago I used to see a man walking from Coney Island with a steel girder across his shoulders. Too bad I did not walk with my camera back then.

  4. My dad used to, and quite affectionately, refer to the boardwalk as an “open air mental clinic”. I think he had himself (and me) in mind as well!

  5. You and me both. I find that I breath deeper and think more clearly after a stretch on the beach.
    If your like me all the special people gravitate toward us. LOL

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