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City Hauls Away Trash From Dog Hoarder’s House


Photo by nolastname.

Following complaints from neighbors that the home used by a dog hoarding couple busted by the city still stinks after several weeks, contractors were dispatched over the weekend to haul away hazardous garbage and trash that was crammed into the home.

The couple hoarded 23 dogs – mostly Shetland Sheepdogs – in two Sheepshead Bay dwellings. In addition to their primary residence at 4215 Bedford Avenue, the couple had a second home at 2713 Avenue Y that housed 10 of the pups without heat, electricity or running water.

When city officials entered the home on February 16 to recover the dogs, they said the home was filled with garbage and waste and deemed it hazardous. To ensure the authorities’ safety, firefighters had to access the roof to look down into the home and guide Animal Care & Control workers through the residence.

As of late last week when we checked in with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, charges had not yet been filed against the couple and dogs remain in the city’s care for observation. Once their condition has been fully assessed, the DA will determine whether or not to charge the couple.

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  1. WTF is wrong with people? Seriously – this is around the block from where I live – I would have gladly gotten arrested for breaking & entering if it meant that the dogs could be saved sooner. 20 frikkin years – the city moves at the rate of a turtle.. did they get lost or something?

  2. good point. and yes city moves like a turtle when they have to do something, but if we are talking about city collecting money from someone … they will move.. ohh they will move..

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