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City Grows Number Of Daytime Heating Shelters, But Few Overnight Options Available


With Hurricane Sandy relief efforts well underway, the largest challenge now is getting people – especially seniors and the disabled – out of homes lacking heat and hot water as temperatures continue to drop.

To help with that, the city has expanded the number of daytime warming centers available, including many in Southern Brooklyn. The complete list can be found here.

Unfortunately, most of those centers close at 4:00 p.m., leaving residents with few options for the coldest night time hours.

Currently, there are only four overnight shelters available, which you can find here.

Need help getting to any of these shelters? The city is operating shuttle buses in select locations. For all of Brooklyn’s thousands of residents across the borough, they have just one: MCU Park (Cyclones Stadium) Parking Lot at 1904 Surf Avenue at West 17th Street, which will take you to John Jay High School at 237 Seventh Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets.

However, during a press conference at P.S. 195 in Manhattan Beach yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg said getting residents to those shelters is a top priority, and residents can get transportation from the Office of Emergency Management by calling 311. They also say if you begin to feel the effects of hypothermia – beginning with uncontrollable shivering – you should call 911 or flag down a police car, which will get you to a heating center immediately.

Please, don’t take another risk. The cold is poised to be more deadly that Sandy itself. If you have no heat or hot water, find a place to stay that does. Whether it’s the home of family or friends, a welcoming neighbor, or a city shelter – get out, and get to a warm place.

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  1. On Bensonhurst Bean, it say that FDR HS will transfer evacuees to other shelters today because school is starting back tomorrow for them.

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