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Cinco De Mayo Reopens


Cinco de Mayo

Well, we know where we’ll be getting dinner tonight.

Cinco de Mayo (1202 Cortelyou Road) reopened today after repairs were made to the restaurant’s kitchen – and the news that their flautas, burritos, guacamole, and more are back has been cheered by neighbors concerned that the spot’s doors being shuttered for days meant the eatery was no more.

Many thanks to neighbor Angela Welch Stucker for this photo. Angela told us that when she spoke with the owner, he said the expensive repairs took longer than expected.

“I told him the good news was he should have lots of business this week,” Angela wrote to us. “He looked surprised. I explained that there was much consternation over whether they were going to reopen or not, and showed him the posts on Ditmas Park Corner. He had no idea and was thrilled to hear it.”

Welcome back, Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. I haven’t been able to get them to pick up their phone in the five years I’ve lived here. Have I been blacklisted? Is there a secret number I don’t know about? I eat there once in a while, but I have yet to crack the take out code.

  2. maybe we should start a new holiday right here in Ditmas Park – Feliz Augusto 18, Long live Cinco de Mayo

  3. Love their food, but dont go if you are realllly hungry. It just takes SOOOOOO long to get served, even after being seated, even if it is not crowded. Maybe a new kitchen will help speed things up?

  4. While I love me some Cinco, I won’t order from there anymore for delivery or anything over the phone. Not sure what it is, but they are rude as hell that way.

  5. Pretty rude of you, Supa Dupa, especially since you took your name from a phrase I popularized on this blog.

    I don’t blame you, though. You were probably raised by rude people, or have a slight chemical imbalance or something. I do wish you would try to work through your anger issues, though. You’ll feel better if you let some of the hate in your heart go.

    The Fourth Judge Podcast

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