Update: Cinco De Mayo Is Not Closing!


Cinco de Mayo

Updated August 16: After many a neighbor reached out to us about Cinco de Mayo being shuttered for days, with many (us included) concerned it was closing for good, we’ve learned that the kitchen is under reconstruction and is going to try to reopen soon!

Neighbor Saira Wang was kind enough to let us know that after she posted something on Yelp asking why Cinco de Mayo wasn’t answering their phone, she got this response on August 11:

“I’m sorry to inform that the restaurant has been under reconstruction (just the kitchen). We’ll try to open by the end of this week.”

Many thanks to neighbor Rachel Kowal for the above photo.

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  1. One of the few restaurants that was here when I moved to the neighborhood, and much more affordable than many of the newer ones. Lots of memories – I’ve had food and drinks with so many neighborhood friends there. And their food improved over the years. Sigh 🙁 We can only hope for something comparable to replace it.

  2. When we walked by a few days ago, my wife asked a worker there — are they closing? And the guy said, no just redoing the kitchen.

  3. My wife also asked a worker there and got the same answer: just redoing the kitchen. The worker said they hoped to reopen in a few days.

  4. I love Tacos El Catrin — the best guacamole I’ve had outside of Mexico! And it’s so kid-friendly that a group of us from the nabe meet there on Tuesdays w/ our 3-6 year olds.

  5. But terrible customer service with delivery. Stopped ordering because it would take an incredibly long amount of time, the order was almost always wrong, and when I called to complain the owner would try to guilt mr into keeping it. Sad because good guac.

  6. Delivery isn’t a strength there, in my experience. But I like the tacos and I also like how they do the black beans. Mole poblano is great, too.

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