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Church Avenue C-Town To Become Ideal Market


ideal supermarket banner at church avenue c-town
We noticed workers disassembling the signage at C-Town (1301 Church Avenue between Argyle and Rugby Roads) the other day, and now we know why–banners now posted on the building say an Ideal Market is coming soon.

C-Town on Church Awning Coming Down
This isn’t the first local C-Town to become an Ideal–the Ideal Market at 710 Coney Island Avenue (between Avenue C and Cortelyou Road) switched from one to the other in late 2012. We wonder if the C-Town at 597 E 16th Street (between Newkirk and Foster Avenues) is next.

For neighbors who used to shop at the CIA C-Town and have since shopped at Ideal, has your experience improved or declined? And neighbors who’ve been shopping at the Church Avenue C-Town, are you looking forward to a change?

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  1. I am totally looking forward to the change! AAAAAAGH! This will be huge!

    On a side note, I noticed the other day an interesting tiled entrance to the Ctown on the diagonal of the corner. It would be interesting to see historical photos of this building. I wonder in whatever renovations they are doing they could incorporate that somehow.

  2. It’s honestly about 98% the same. They initially tried to have an all-organic aisle, but must not have been selling a lot of stuff cause they stopped doing it shortly thereafter. A few of those products have migrated to where they’d normally be, though, so it is a slight improvement.

  3. Well,
    that depends on what replaces the loathsome “Craptown” (and its
    flagrantly posted notices of “urgent health violations” and its warm
    meat storage areas and its extravagant filth and its compost-like
    produce). What is “Ideal”? From a comment below, it’s not much of an
    improvement. And a small, yuppified place like the Flatbush Food Co-op
    will be a mean blow to those of us who can’t pay $8 a gallon for milk.
    What ever happened to just plain decent clean supermarkets? Why is this a
    lost art?

  4. Given the terrifying filth levels in Craptown, I wouldn’t want to be within a block of this place if they do interior demolition…what will emerge will be apocalyptic.

  5. I am amazed what passes health and common sense inspections for grocery stores here. But I can tell you what happened: rents are just too high. Both the supermarket and the customers are spending too high a percentage of their income just on rent, so the stores have to sell for the highest possible price, while the customers have to buy at the lowest available price. This leads stores to cut whatever corners they can. We need serious rent reform in NYC. Landlords need to feel the pain.

  6. C Town is the worst but the Ideal on Coney Island Avenue isn’t exactly Dean & DeLuca either. Unless I want the smell and filth, it’s still the Flatbush Co-op or a trip to the Slope.

  7. Americans spend less on food as a percentage of income than any other country in the world, and are paying a smaller percentage for food now than at any time in our history. Perhaps if the stores raised their prices even slightly, they would find a way to keep their stores in less abysmal condition. Of course it would help if the health codes were more stringent and more rigorously enforced. Sure, rents are high, but I don’t think that is the real problem.

  8. Citations or your full of s**t. Show me how with rents as high as they are in NYC, the majority of residents have enough money leftover to pay more for food than they already are. Percentage of income means nothing when all your income goes to rent.

  9. When the Ideal label appeared on the former C-Town on CIA, they cleaned the place up a bit, brought in some but not all fresh stock; but the ownership of the store or at least the management and staff appear to be the same crew who appear to think they’re in Laredo selling to about equal numbers of Anglo and Hispanic South Texans. Ideal appears to be, like C-Town, Associated, Key, Met, etc., not a chain of company-owned stores but a loose association of independent owners of single to a few stores. They thus lack any company discipline about stocking things advertised in the way that interstate companies like those owning Waldbaum’s, Shop-rite, Stop-and-Shop, Pathmark, etc., are required to do by a Federal Consent Decree, requiring good-faith attempts at proper stocking, mandatory rain-checks, etc.
    I find the Ideal at CIA to be marginally better than the old C-town there, with prices and poor stocking practices essentially unchanged; no reason to think it will necessarily improve the one on Church, or that the one on E 16th will follow.

    I understand that Shop-rite, having finally revamped its Ave. I store but leaving it still rather a mess of disorganization and much-degraded stocking practice, is working to open a new store at Gateway/Starett City.

  10. Brenda, Ideal is not a small yuppified store. The one on CIA is essentially the same as the original C-Town in terms of pricing and selection; differences are that it’s cleaner and there’s a much wider selection of their store brand, “Best Yet”. So, yes, a plain decent clean supermarket. Not sure where you got the idea that it’s a specialty store.

  11. Ok so it changed from C-town to Ideal and what a mess. The prices for the food has sky racketed tremendously and they stock food that’s stale or has mole like the taco shells we brought and the jello filled with green mole. It was discussing. I live around the corner from this nice looking store, but trust me I don’t think we’ll be shopping there anymore. I really wish I can post a pic of the jello being mole to show my proof. So SAD!!!!

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