Church Ave Yoga & Bodywork Center Holds Sound Immersion Gong Bath


gong bath 3
The Church Ave Yoga & Bodywork Center held its “Vibrate the Cosmos: Sound Immersion through Gong and Chant” Friday evening, during which Crown of Eternity played and people from throughout the area got to experience an incredibly unique event at the new business venture from neighbor Bob Doto.

Bob described the event as a “unique blend of sacred mantras, cosmic instrumental, and a wall of gongs” during which neighbors could tune into their “inner self-healer, inviting a state of harmony and bliss.”

The Church Ave Yoga & Bodywork Center is located at 338 E 5th Street (between Church Avenue and Beverley Road).

Church Ave Yoga gong bath

gong bath 2

Photos courtesy the Church Ave Yoga & Bodywork Center

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  1. From Bob: “We’re defs looking into having more gong baths, but we also have kirtan (chanting) coming up, as well as a heart opening yoga workshop.”

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