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Goldstein H.S. Assistant Principal Faces Firing For Inappropriate Relationship With Female Student


Christian Del Re, an assistant principal at Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences, is facing disciplinary charges after allegedly sending nearly 3,000 text messages to an 18-year-old female student over a 90-day period. Reports also say Del Re engaged in marathon late-night phone sessions with the student, sometimes as late as 3 a.m.

Del Re’s constant texting and late night phone calls came to light when a student tipped off school officials, reports the Daily News. The Department of Education has begun the process of terminating Del Re from the school system.

“We are moving forward with disciplinary charges against Christian Del Re and will be seeking his termination. He has been reassigned and is no longer at the school,” said Connie Pankratz, a spokeswoman for the Education Department.

Del Re has been adamant in claiming that nothing in his text messages or phone calls were sexual in nature, or inappropriate in any other way. He claims that all he was doing was providing help and guidance to the teen who was having trouble with her boyfriend, getting into college, and looking for work.

Students have also come to the defense of Del Re as well.

“We miss him. Hopefully he’ll come back,” a student told NY1. Del Re also received high marks from the popular “ratemyteacher” website, receiving praise like, “He is awesome,” and “Mr. Dee is a gee.” It’s unlikely, however, that Del Re’s status as “a gee,” will save him in light of DOE Chancellor Dennis Walcott’s proclamation last February that all staffers would face immediate dismissal regarding any proven inappropriate contact with students.

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  1. As a former student of Mr. Del Re’s, I can say that this is completely ridiculous. Mr. Del Re is not only a good man, but he is also trustworthy and devoted to his job. He was probably the kindest, funniest, and sweetest teacher Goldstein had. If NY1 bothered to interview more than two students, they would see just how much Goldstein loved him (and still do)

    If you had a problem, whether it was personal or school related, he was there to help you through every step. There is a reason he was promoted from teacher to assistant principal in such a short period of time. Unlike many people on the board of ed, Mr. Del Re genuinely cared about his students and did everything in his power for them to succeed.

    It’s genuinely heartbreaking for me to hear about this. This has completely tarnished his reputation and he will probably not be allowed a teaching job ever again. He was a real teacher, he was a true mentor to many people.

    As for the phone calls past 12, I know for a fact that he helped many students involved in SING, a program which allows students to create and act out their own plays. Kids stayed behind a LOT during the days leading up to the play, sometimes past 12:00 AM (of their own choice, of course.) Mr. Del Re was one of the teachers involved in helping SING flourish and therefore it is nothing out of the ordinary for him to be receiving calls that late.

    Although I cannot tell you what he was talking to her about or what kind of relationship they had, I CAN assure you that he would never sexually harass anybody or enter into a sexual relationship with a minor.

    This whole news story is just that. A story, blown up by the media who conveniently left out many details.

    Mr. Del Re is an amazing man and I wish luck to him. Goldstein has truly lost an amazing teacher and human being.

  2. I had a class with him around 10 years ago. He was a real cocky guy who felt threatened by good looking young guys like myself who the ladies in class loved.

  3. This is so sad. Just like the President, pedagogues have their detractors and backers. Additionally anyone who gives any creedence to sites like ratemyteachers is not in tune with the educational climate in today’s schools, and on the internet , and just how fickle today’s students, and parents can be. Having written that, Mr. Del Re has obviously made some seriously poor choices, that the overwhelming majority of today’s teachers, let alone an Assistant Principal would never make, whether teaching in the Private or Public sector. A function of his realtive youth can’t be called easily into question, because all teachers are held to a high level of character and conduct, which are a prerequisite to the job. However, politics might be involved here, because becoming an Assistant Principal at thirty two is comparitively quite young, no matter how good you might have been in the classroom, and with posession of the credential. Also, older seasoned staffers are increasingly being weeded out, which can have its’ down sides. We shouldn’t forget either that these allleged instances have occurred within the umbrella of District 21! Ironically, I have a highly credentialed friend, and someone who is considered a pillar of the community, who had applied for a permanent substitute position at Goldstein late last year, who was told by the Principal that he would hear from his A.P., a Mr. Del Re shortly…He never did hear from Mr. Del Re!!!

  4. There is only one way this can be settled. someone has to f**k his wife. Any volunteers? must be between the ages of 18-20.

  5. 3000 texts sounds a little extreme to me. Then again, if the AP DOESN’T respond, and the kid hurts/kills herself, the AP gets attacked too by all the Monday morning quarterbacks, and the “he shoulda, she shoulda” people…. I hate the witch-hunts ,he’s guilty until proven innocent And don’t think the kids don’t know it. How many stories do I have to hear of kids threatening teachers (“if you report me, I’ll tell them you touched me”), The kids have the power in the schools now, and that’s a major problem.

  6. What a system. Every decent employee gets accused, thrown out, while the trash survives. Here’s a story for you right from a teacher’s mouth:
    This teacher has 6 paraprofessionals every year. Most of them are worthless, sit around do nothing, can’t stand the kids. One year she finally gets a great para. He loves the kids. He crawls on the floor with those that can crawl (this is special ed). He’s extremely helpful and competent. One day he forgets you’re not supposed to put kids on your lap. He does it. The therapist goes hysterical, makes up all sorts of charges of child abuse. Claims molestation, goes nuts. Gets the parent hysterical too. Of course a full investigation costing thousands undoubtedly, is held. To a person, everyone sticks up for the paraprofessional. He was just too good. The charges are dismissed totally. Doesn’t matter. Guy lost his job, his reputation ruined, he can never again do what he enjoyed and did well. What remains? The ones that do nothing and hate the kids. The ones that steal the kids’ food and take it home themselves. The therapist remains, free to make a hysterical charge on another day. This story I’ve told reminds me so much of this article. Probably same result will ensue.

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