Chris Rock, Adam Sandler & David Spade Among Comedians At Kings Theatre Last Night

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Crowds at the Kings Theatre last night. (Photo: Lauren Collins)

The Kings Theatre was packed last night as comedy fans took their seats to see Netflix’s The Do Over Comedy Tour. Comedians Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Norm MacDonald, David Spade and Nick Swardson were all on hand at the Flatbush Avenue venue.

Included in the crowd were a good number of servicemen and women in town for Fleet Week. The staff at Kings were very friendly and helpful as usual, not something I usually notice, but it’s been consistent at the Theatre.

Between the content and the language, this was definitely not a show for children but since there were no children there, it was a fabulous, very funny evening. Rob Schneider hosted this concert that touched on recurring themes of male and female anatomy, sex, marriage, family, and turning 50. Also on the bill were Nick Swardson (Reno 911) and David Spade (SNL, Joe Dirt).

Surprise guest Norm MacDonald (The Dennis Miller Show, SNL) came out for an extended set that included pointed comments about Bill Cosby, dogs, and the “magic phones” we all have, all the while taunting the crowd with a dangling unlit cigarette which he would almost light before returning to his routine. Finally, someone in the mezzanine yelled out for him to light the cigarette and he responded (to paraphrase) “I don’t smoke” and with that, exited the stage.

Chris Rock showed up to proudly tout his Brooklyn roots (including Midwood High School) and to introduce former SNL-alum, Brooklyn-born Adam Sandler, who alternated between stories about his family, Ebbets Field, the challenges of raising his daughters in a home without locks on the doors, with musical interludes including a touching song in memory of his friend and fellow comedian, the late Chris Farley.

Towards the end of the evening, Sandler treated the crowd to his signature “Chanukah Song,” the lyrics of which were updated to include his fourth list of Jewish people. For the group’s final bow, the comedians were joined on stage by actor Steve Buscemi (The Sopranos, Fargo, and other appearances, including his starring role in Boardwalk Empire which was filmed at and near our very own Flatbush Reformed Church).

Sandler and MacDonald were the highlights for me. There was a genuine friendship between all the comedians — that was clear — and a lot of love from the audience.

Lauren Collins is the Executive Director of the Church Avenue and Flatbush Avenue BIDs.

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  1. Didn’t even know that was happening, oh well. Might have been nice to see Chris Rock

  2. “…it was a fabulous, very funny evening. Rob Schneider…”

    Rarely have the words fabulous and funny ever been followed by the name Rob Schneider.

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