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First Southern Brooklyn Chipotle Coming To Kings Plaza



The above poster was spotted in a storefront window in Kings Plaza Mall on Flatbush Avenue, indicating the imminent arrival of the first Southern Brooklyn Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The chain eatery has yet to announce the expansion on their website, but Chipotle fans from the area have been urging the company to set up shop on social media. Here’s a tweet from nearly a year ago asking the company to open up at Kings Plaza and Chipotle’s response:

There are other, more recent examples as well.

Until the location opens, the closest Chipotle location for Southern Brooklyn residents is in Cobble Hill, at 140 Court Street.

Thanks to Tina H. and Randy Contello for the photo and tip.

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  1. Chipotle is to Mexican food what McDonalds is to hamburgers. How about you go to your local ma and pa and get some authentic food that costs the same price and doesn’t taste like water. But then again its going to be inside the human dumpster that is Kings Plaza so its only fitting.

  2. Yep, another one the same corporate controlled,fast food store added to the depressing wasteland of other corporate controlled stores known as “Kings Plaza”
    A locally owned mom and pop REAL mexican restaurant would be benficial to it’s customers but that is not the real agenda here, especially when a big real estate socialist company like Macerich that owns King Plaza and many of the crappy useless malls throughout the USA.

  3. I said the same thing! Who the hell wants to go into that dump to get Chipotle? It sucks because the only “Mexican” food in the area is Paco’s Tacos and they suck. Everything else is made in the Chinese takeout places and they’re not really that great.

  4. If you use Grubhub or seamless, there’s actually a place where you can order from that delivers & is pretty damn good authentic (as authentic as we can get in this area anyway) mexican food. It’s called El Mexicano Restaurant & Coffee Inc. I don’t recommend ordering directly from them because they don’t really speak English, but I had a good experience ordering from there on Grubhub.

  5. If you guys are gonna complain about chipotle coming to king plaza then don’t come SIMPLE. “craphole” wow & it’s gonna be the same exact ignorant people who bad mouth king plaza that’s gonna be in there for some chipotle -_-.

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