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Chicken Masters Building Sells For $1.2 Million

Photo by Erica Sherman

The building at 1201 Avenue Z, which for several years has been the home of Chicken Masters – a.k.a. Eat My Chicken – has sold for just under the $1.295 million asking price, Sheepshead Bites has learned.

The building went on the market in early January, and broker Brian Hanson of Massey Knakal Realty Services told us that the new owners plan to turn the fried chicken joint into a pharmacy.

So is this the end of independent fried chicken in Sheepshead Bay? Heck no! Vinnie Mazzone, who owned both the building and the business, said he’ll be relocating by June or July and will fill us in on the details then.

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  1. Good luck to Vinnie Mazzone and to the new owners. I am very excited for a new pharmacy coming to this location. I hope it will be a private store. Never liked big chain drug stores, they always make mistakes. Great location and great deal.

  2. Every time I read about how much a piece of property sells for in the Bay,I’m in disbelief. I could have bought a new 3 family house there,for $250,000 about 25 years ago.

  3. Great, awesome, perfect. Now I have a pharmacy one block off to one direction and  one block in the other direction… Another one two blocks down and another two more blocks down… Fun!

  4. My little hate filled friend, you must remember the market will decides
    who is in business and who is not and not personal hatred.  If you don’t
    like living here, move to Staten Island.  South Jersey is also a nice
    place for you. 

  5. mjd does have a point. No way in hell does the market call for this many drug stores. There is so much illegal stuff practiced in the field….that is what makes it ugly. And I do live here…born and raised….not going anywhere for the next several years. I too will continue to complain and make my grievances known.
    Most of the newer pharmacies are Russian, I can tell because of the writing on the wall. So I agree that Sheepshead Bay does not need another Russian/or any other pharmacies. 

  6. You seem to miss the point.  It is not up to you or anyone
    else to decide the type of business that gets established at this or any other
    location; if it is a Russian pharmacy or not should not be relevant to you, but
    it is because you are a small minded bigot. 
    The hood used to be Italian for many years, then it evolved into a
    Russian place, and not it’s evolving into a Chinese neighborhood.  Sheepshead Bay is evolving and you are living
    in the past, like a dying fossil that time forgot.  Thankfully you are only here for few more

  7. You don’t get it. It’s not the market deciding, it’s corruption and fraud. Does anyone want another front for medicaid and medicare fraud? No. Earn money honestly, and no one will care.  Stop trying to detract from what is being said.

  8. Your term “the Hood” is about as intelligent as you statement gets. You might hangout in the hood, I live in a neighborhood that is degenerating in some fields while being over dresses in others.
    I got the point did you? Calling someone a small minded bigot who you do not know from Adam makes you a small minded ass. 
    The fact is the fact, ALL of the pharmacies involved in fraud are RUSSIAN owned. Take that to the bank. So were the daycare centers, the car insurance fraudsters, and most of the medical facilities that were improperly billing the system for services not rendered….all Russian. If those facts and my not wanting another drug store make me a bigot…Oh well then I am.

  9. If you have firsthand knowledge that insurance fraud will
    take place at this location or you have firsthand knowledge that Russian pharmacies
    are committing insurance fraud, then you must report it immediately to the authorities.
    Such criminal knowledge must he known. 
    If you are just speculating, guessing or assuming, then you should be a little
    more cautious.  If you believe that insurance
    fraud is the exclusive domain of the Russian’s, you are sadly misinformed.    

  10. You are racist pig, and I am sure you are hot as that
    bulldog.  It is clear that you hate
    Russians, so I kindly request that you die. 
    You are a hate filled moron.  I
    hope you get run over by a Russian driving a Bentley with the money he
    collected from committing all the fraud you mention.

  11. so i’m going to be opening up a pharmacy there, and i am not russian, and nowhere close.  Your point?

  12. Colloquial terminology is acceptable in this forum.  Showing you jealousy and hatred for mankind
    is not.  

  13. Are you saying that only Russians commit
    fraud?  There are no other corporations/institutions that commit fraud?
     No other races that commit fraud?  Are
    you high, delusional or just plain stupid?  And yes the market will decide what will stay
    open; if there is fraud, it will be detected that the place will go under.  It’s that simple.

  14. My first comment said “Russian/or other”. It’s inclusive that there are already too many. That was my point. 

  15. Now you show your colors. I don’t hate everyone just people like you who defend the fraud going on. Take it on the chest like a man, I might start to be annoyed with your childish replies. So long ass-hole.

  16. Never said that any one was exclusive. Just pointed out who has been in the news for what lately. The truth hurts, I know you can’t accept it so just keep calling names. I know and hundreds….thousands who read the papers, watch TV, Scan the web or look at Bites also know.
    It amazes me that a dweeb like yourself wants to make something out of something it is not.

  17. You dumb F. You just like calling people names and wishing bad Karma.  
    Let me know when it hits you back in the face. Misery is yours and I see it in your near future. Ha.
    You might scare some of the people some of the time (so they do not comment on a matter) but you do not scare me.
    Again it is what it is and you just help prove the point. TY

  18. My Dear Little Pig,

    I never defended fraud nor do I support it.  But when cum buckets like you attack the entire
    Russian Sheepshead Bay community, I get fired up.  I defend my people, and you offend.  Be brave and look inside yourself and confess
    in a public forum that you are a hate filled whore, a jealous whore, an
    unworthy whore. I am sure the people will forgive you.

  19. It seems to me like mostly Russians commit fraud,most Russians will also admit it and laugh it off but you are one of those loud and proud.I wish you the worst of luck with your new bullcrap scam pharmacy

  20. i’ve never commented on this site but i think its time. im 29yrs old born, bred and still live in sheepshead bay. im also italian/jewish and i must say in all honesty the russians have ruined this area of brooklyn. from walking down the street and not hearing english to a pharmacy on every block, to not knowing how to drive(zip code 11235 is one of the worst for car insurance). the one that really gets me is not speaking english. your in this country making a living yet you have no respect to learn the language. ontop of that when they start talking in russian to you and you go i speak english they get mad like im supposed to know what they’re saying. its disgusting and this is coming from me who is probably one of the most liberal people in the world. and to the idiot talking about being jealous of russians thats the funniest bit of bullshit ive ever heard. its not my fault “your people” have no respect for the country that actually gives them a good life. i have an idea how bout going back to russia since all i ever hear is that its a such a beautiful country yet you live here. ever since the russian pop has invaded sheepshead nostrand ave is a ghost town. and if you want americans to show you respect, maybe start speaking english and we will.

  21. the only person that is hate filled here is you. It is MY opinion that I don’t want or need another Russian pharmacy (or any pharmacy really) as there is one a few blocks away. There is no hate in that statement, just opinion and fact (funny somebody telling people to die is calling others hate filled)

    As for telling me or anybody else with an opinion where to live, to that I say fuck you. I was here before you came and I’ll probably be here way after you leave. You are an idiot and sum up the reason sheepshead bay will never be a thriving neighborhood. You aren’t worth any more typing from me and won’t get it.

  22. Be the change you want to see.  You like to see Sheepshead Bay thrive?  Open a business.  Do something. Risk
    something.  Contribute.  You just sit on your duff
    and judge.     

  23. I work on Nostrand Ave. and I get more people coming in and speaking to me in Russian than I do people speaking to me in English.

  24. so now the ave Z and E28 + surrounding area is overpopulating with muslims.  What are you going to say next, huh?   “first, it was russians who ruined it for you, then came the muslims that continued to do so, etc?”  come on.  how many groups are there in brooklyn alone who do not speak English?  Been to ave u lately?

  25. Fact: Most Russians are decent people and hard workers trying to raise their families.
    Also Fact: The worst incidences of Medicare/Medicaid and insurance corruption to emerge in recent years were committed by Russians with Russian-owned businesses.

    Fact: Most Muslims are decent people and hard workers trying to raise their families.
    Also Fact: The worst incidences of domestic and international terrorism in recent years have been committed by Muslims.

    Fact: Most African-Americans are decent people and hard workers trying to raise their families.
    Also Fact: As a percentage of their population, there are higher rates of criminal behavior and/or entrenched reliance on social programs among African-Americans.

    These are not mutually exclusive statements: the same group CAN simultaneously fit both descriptions.  And similar dichotomies can be developed for any racial, ethnic, or cultural group you can think of.  And it is NOT racist to point out BOTH truths, it is simply reality. 

    The difficulty is to remember that your co-worker, neighbor, mechanic, nurse, server, pharmacist, blog guru, friend or WHATEVER may come FROM a specific cultural background but they do NOT automatically represent the WORST aspects of that cultural background.  They are individual human beings first.  So let them show you who they are before you sit in judgement.

    Cheesy, corny, but real.  Except for hipsters.  Kumbaya, everyone.

  26. I usually don’t comment on this website either but I had to respond to this. I’m not going to comment on everything but I will comment on the Russians not speaking English part because that really gets me.

    I’m also born and raised in Brooklyn and guess what? I’m Russian! My parents came to this country from the Soviet Union in the 1980’s and they speak English now just fine and I do too. Many people are surprised to learn that I’m Russian because they have the same idea that Russians can’t speak English.

    This may have been the reality in 1992 but while you were busy stereotyping and being stuck in anti-Russian mode A WHOLE NEW GENERATION of American Russians have grown up around you. A whole new generation fully assimilated into American culture, speaking English just fine with very little or no accent. The people you are talking about now are the ones in their 50’s and up who really did immigrate here when they were already adults. And they actually speak English too, its just more comfortable for them to speak Russian because that’s their native language so they speak it when they can. This is true for every population that immigrates to a new country.

    My sister is getting close to 30 now. Her English is just fine, you wouldn’t think she’s Russian either. In fact, she has a few kids (with her Russian husband) who are 100% American in every way – their attitudes, the way they speak, etc.

    I’m really tired and annoyed by this never changing opinion about Russians. It’s not 1992. Russians are not the new incoming immigrant group anymore. A lot has changed in the past 20 years and things will continue to change. The question is, will you?

  27. Boy you are trying way too hard to troll. Did you see J even mention a Muslim?
    He called it like he sees it. Talking about respect not fabricating words into someone’s mouth.

  28. Lenny Bruce once said that if you’re going to pick on a group of people it might as well be midgets. What are they going to do, kick you in the knee?

    But even midgets are demanding acceptance these days.

  29. u know we all missed a very important business, that just like russian pharmacies (which apparently only exist to commit fraud), has been popping up on every block. Yes, it is an old and trite joke – but here it goes – SUSHI RESTAURANT!!!! ftw. 

  30. You want it like that? Yeah OK. 
    On this public forum I will say fuck you and the horse You rode in on.
    I again am not attacking the whole Russian community just asses like yourself who defend the fraud by taking a true comment personally. 
    Can you admit the facts that are in the news primarily concern the Russian community? That’s why they are turning up dead all over the place. Murderer, drug dealers and thieves. Embezzlement and fraud, raping the system too many take advantage. Clean up the Russian dirt bags that make you all look bad. 
    I do look inside and what ever your opinion of me is I guess there are a lot of others you think the same of. Some of us are not afraid to speak up even if asses like yourself find it hard to believe anyone could possibly feel this way. Trust me I stand far from alone. That’s the funny part you think you are fighting a one man army.
    Of all the Russians I know there is one neighbor I do not get along with.
    So call me what ever you want I really don’t care about your opinion. You are not a friend nor relative I care to have. Take it on the hop.
    Keep spewing names you little scum bucket. Swine ass wipe. That is what you do best when you can’t accept an opinion. Don’t like what I say too fucking bad. I don’t give a shit. Not everyone has to see it your way. You can think whatever the fuck you want while I do the same. Tough noogies.

  31. So you went from jealous and hateful to hate filled, jealous, unworthy whore. I would say just like your Mom but she is probably a nice lady aside from raising a piece of shit like you. You would never call out the names in person because just like me you have no balls. 

  32. Ya see the comment by 90sbrooklyn “most Russians will also admit it and laugh it off”. His comment is the truth. The Russian/Ukrainian people I know admit what is.  But you just can’t swallow it. 
    Wish I could reply 90sbrooklyn you hit it on the head.

  33. I remember when many parts of this side of Brooklyn was becoming crack city, thanks to the many differant people coming to our area that destructive drug mostly disappeared.The main problem is that we now have about 25 million pepole that are here illegally they  are backrupting all our cities, getting free services,while the middle class is fading fast, with high water taxes, high electric taxes, high food prices & now high gas prices.there are too many drug stores too many Japenese resturants, no  I -hop or Popeyes,  I didn’t care for Vinnies chicken, Popeyes is my favorite.

  34. I understand what they are saying about Russians not speaking English,. My daughter attended a public school that was probably 85% russian- she was a part of a few that was not (although my greatgrandmother did come from Russia) All the kids will speak Russian to each other which puts my daughter out of the conversation – this happens often in school and outside of school – I’ve even been to kids parties with parents speaking Russian to each other (people in their mid 30s and some born here) and me sitting there not part of the conversation and being left out – I have to say that its not right to do this to a child – Me I just get up and walk away as I will not put up with that as its rude to anyone that is not Russian speaking, but what does a child do – she feels like a minority in her own surrondings and that is not fair

  35. Fuck you, you racist sit cum sucker.  Shit like you must die a slow painful death.   Douchebag faggot!!!!!!! I hope you and your fucking cunt mother get rapped repeatedly.  ASSHOLE 

  36. If you were an intelectual person you would know that
    United States is all Immigrants.. And guess what your grandparents had to come here from a different country as well .. I am more than positive they werent so proficient in Enlish language.. Stop hating on russians. We are hard working people that live to have a good life, wheter in America or Russia.. And just for your information, russia is a beautiful country but were a person chooses to live is not your business. Respect all cultures and religions. You think you were born in the states and that makes u better??? Get a life!!! Russian people were and will be on top always. Known that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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