Southern Brooklyn

Cherry Hill Market to Open on Monday?


An informal conversation with a man in a white chef’s suit on a smoking break outside of Cherry Hill Restaurant and Market led us to believe that the place is opening for business on Monday, May 4, 2009. This means that the stop work orders and zoning issues are getting too complicated for us to follow.

The signs posted in the window indicate that they are still hiring for the long-awaited jobs, but numerous calls to the number listed tell us otherwise. No one was available to tell us any information about the jobs, so we can’t tell you how much the positions are paying or if there are any benefits and a union. So, if these jobs meets your requirement and you don’t mind getting caught in the endless call-back-laters, go ahead and call (718) 616-1902.

The lack of transparency about the hiring process makes us think that the jobs are starting at close to minimum wage and hiring is happening from ‘within’. At the “open” house meeting in March, management said that not even the florist position is paying close to $20 an hour.

So for all those people who say that Cherry Hill will infuse Sheepshead Bay with jobs — there you have it. Maybe those of you who are eagerly awaiting the influx of economy-boosting paychecks, will fill us in as to why we’re crossing our fingers.