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Check Out This Marble-Floored Midwood Mansion, Now On Sale For $1.85 Million

I wonder if I can slide down the banister and land in the fountain. That, my friend, is the ultimately selling point.

While most of our area’s home sales come in shy of the million-dollar mark, it’s not all that unusual to see listings that exceed it – sometimes by a factor of ten.

So the $1.85 milion price tag on the Midwood mansion at 1133 East 24th Street, off Avenue K, is not so shocking.

But with flourishes like an oval fountain in the foyer, a twin staircase and “breath grasping chandelier,”┬áit’s still worth gawking at.

According to the listing, it was “custom built” in 1994 by one of New York City’s “finest Architects,” who apparently isn’t worth identifying.

It’s a three floor home with a separate one-bedroom apartment in the basement.

My favorite is the “hollywood style master bath,” where you can “bathe in the morning sunlight and enjoy the unique privacy as this level is the tallest third floor in the entire neighborhood.” You know, that’s just the kind of thing the neighbors love to hear.




And the house on Google Streetview:


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  1. Wow… Look at the house next door to the left. Much nicer in my opinion. More modest, nicer brick and stucco work. Probably a whole lot less pretentious owners also…

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