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Check Out Sheepshead Bay’s Very Brown Green Space



Bill Brown Square just got a whole lot browner.

One of only two green spaces near Sheepshead Bay Road has had all of the green plucked from it. Bill Brown Square, named after the World War I hero who made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of France,  boasted a tree and several sizable shrubs until recently.

But now the square, which is located at Jerome Avenue and East 17th Street and is also home to a plaque honoring football legend and Bay native Vince Lombardi among other notables, is almost entirely barren. Parks Department officials removed all but two dying shrubs from the square in the past week or so.

According to a Parks Department employee, the greenstreet was flooded during Superstorm Sandy, killing the spruce tree and several shrubs at the site. The agency told Sheepshead Bites that they plan to replant the area in the spring, using salt tolerant shrubs.

We’re looking forward to it. Perhaps we can even get a nice new spruce to decorate when the holidays come around.

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  1. Bill Brown square would be better served as a roundabout than a square. Lombardi should have a bust or statue of some kind erected. Green bushes, some grass and a rounded bench or two to sit on would be nice for everyone. I like your idea of a large spruce for the holidays too… Come on CB 15, work your magic!

  2. I agree. I always thought it would be nice to have a lombardi statue at that triangle. Him being the son of immigrants, a statue might inspire the many sons/daughters of immigrants that currently live in Sheepshead bay.

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