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Chamber Pop Band AK Releases Music Video Shot In Ditmas Park


Chamber pop musician and avid cyclist Alexandra Kalinowski has just released a new music video with her band, AK, that they made in June in our neighborhood – and the artist said she immediately fell in love with the area.

“We met up at 9am on Sunday, June 8 on the corner of Slocum Place and Stratford Road and began filming shortly after,” Alexandra, who is better known by the same moniker as her band, AK, wrote to us. “People in the neighborhood came out to watch us, and everyone wished us good luck and was so supportive. A bystander even agreed to be in the opening of our video!”

AK, who lives in Greenpoint, collaborated with the video’s director, David Formentin (who lives in Ditmas Park) and cinematographer Ray Levé, as well as many bicyclist friends (some of whom also live in our neighborhood) for the “Circles” video – and the musician pointed out that David “chose the streets for their beautiful houses and trees.”

“It was an amazing day, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience,” wrote AK, who is a former opera singer and classically trained pianist turned songwriter.

 The song, “Circles,” from the previously released EP “How Not To Be Alone,” is a tale of “aimless post-college summer days spent with a close-knit group of friends riding bikes, swimming in lakes, and hiding out on porches during thunderstorms,” AK said in a press release.
You can watch the video here, and learn more about AK here, here, and here.
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