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Century Mart Of Avenue U Closed


A reader sent us this photo and a note saying Century Mart of Avenue U, located at 2309 Avenue U, appears to be closed for good. The Asian food market has served the neighborhood for several years, and there didn’t seem to be any advance notice about its closure. We tried calling the business’s number, but found it was disconnected.

In the window of the store is a sign advertising commercial lofts for rent on the second and third floors of the building, but no information about the ground-level business. Could it be temporary? Keep an eye on this space and let us know if you see any changes.

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  1. The fish market area always stank to high hell. And the veggies were usually older than I am; don’t ask. Wonder how the place stayed around so long. Go closer to CIA for the good stuff.

  2. This place was horrible. They sold a lot of fruits and veggies on the verge of rotting and their grocery items were expired. This is from personal experience, not some random accusation.

  3. Glad to see this one go who needs this market?? I would not eat anything from that establishment or buy anything since they opened. There was something about this place I did not like from the beginning so I never went in there either.

  4. Heard it was a lease fight.The landlord wanted more money for rent, the store owner said up yours! The sign about lofts was there for years.

  5. I am so dismayed to see all these negative comments! I loved this market. OK — I never bought the vegetables or the fish there. (better options up the block) But I often got frozen foods and bottled sauces there.

    I agree the commerical lofts for rent sign has been there for as long as I have lived in the neighborhood. I will have to give the market on 15th and U a shot. (Thanks for mentioning that one.)

  6. i was actually at a this store shopping when 5 inspectors appeared, walking forward from the rear of the store, shouting “time to close doors”. At least 2 were guys from sanitation dept, wearing their traditional green uniforms. One other personw as wearing a USDA hat ( i assume a USDA inspector?). would seem to be logical since this place processed a lot of meat. It seems that they came up from the basement, because at least 2 of them had flashlights in hand. chinese store operators started shouting in chinese, and all chinese speakers quickly walked out. One of the inspectors walked around and advised others to leave, as the store was being closed.

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