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Celebrate International Hot & Spicy Food Day With These Local Dishes


chili peppers via marzbars

This is really embarrassing, guys, but I just completely forgot aboutĀ International Hot & Spicy Food Day this year. I know! My absolute favorite holiday! I know you’re all probably on top of your Hot & Spicy game, and that you sent your cards days ago so that they’d arrive right on time, but if you haven’t figured out how you’ll celebrate this totally legitimate holiday here are some of the Slope’s spiciest dishes:

1. Shiro Wett from Ghenet Brooklyn, $13

ghenet platter via Garrett Ziegler

The Ethiopian restaurant serves this spicy and boldly seasoned bean dish on injera, the spongy flatbread. Get it as part of the vegetarian combo (pictured above) which offers four selections per person.

(Photo credit Garrett Ziegler)

2. Spicy Roll Dinner from JPan, $16

jpan sushi via yelp

Get your wasabi fix with this trio of spicy hand rolls, featuring spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and spicy crunchy triple fish roll.

(Photo credit Kelly B.)

3. Chicken Vindaloo fromĀ Aarpan, $11.95

chicken vindaloo via yelp

This chicken dish, which one Yelp user warns “might make you sweat a bit,” features boneless chicken pieces prepared in a hot curry sauce. Balance the heat with some white rice.

(Photo credit Saori E.)


Lobo Bloody Maria from Lobo, $8

lobo bar via yelp

See if you can handle the spicy drink, made with house Bloody Mary mix and Ancho Chile-infused tequila. You may want a chaser.

(Photo via Yelp)

Any mouth-watering dishes we missed?

Photo of chilis via marzbars

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