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CEC 21 Asks: Don’t Our Public School Kids Count In Charter Debate?


The following is a press release from the offices of the Community Education Council of District 21:

Last Thursday’s announcement regarding the continuance of charter co-locations at I.S. 96, Seth Low, and I.S. 281, Joseph B. Cavallaro, is a major setback for our community.  There was such hope that Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Farina would finally listen to the voices of parents and community members.  Many of us now feel only disappointment and frustration. In the fall of 2013, the Community Education Council District 21 passed two resolutions opposing both co-locations, we have rallied, gone to both PEP meetings and still our voices were not heard.  2014 had such potential for parents and yet again, we have been pushed to the side.  We have been given a promise that they will do things better in the future.  What about the children and their families that are already attending I.S. 96 Seth Low, and I.S. 281, Joseph B. Cavallaro, don’t they count too?  I understand that they based their decisions on families that applied for seats for September 2014 and the deadline was coming.  Our children’s educations should not be about deadlines.  We provide excellent educational opportunities for all children in this district and have seats in our traditional public schools for the children who have applied.  More time should have been taken to visit and speak to schools, families, and community members regarding the co-locations. There is no need to rush putting two more elementary schools in our district. We have and always will supply a high quality education for every child in our district’s traditional public schools.   Mayor de Blasio’s plan is to provide full day, high quality Pre-K programs to 53,000 students in 2014. With two elementary Charter school co-locations opening in 2014 in our district, what middle school space can the Chancellor guarantee will be available for these students in the future?

It’s time to come together once again as a community! Let our voices be heard loud and clear “We say NO to the co-locations decisions on I.S. 96 and I.S. 281, Joseph B. Cavallaro”. The Community Education Council District 21 calls on Chancellor Farina and Mayor de Blasio to reverse the decision to implement co-location plan for I.S.96, Seth Low and I.S. 281, Joseph B. Cavallaro.

The Community Education council of District 20 & 21 invites all community members to join them at I.S. 96 Seth Low to Rally on Friday, March 7, 2014 at 2:30 PM.

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  1. Actually, majority of people I know is for Seth Loow colocation. The charter has an impressive track record and is a great alternative to failing public schools in the neighborhood.

  2. The community came out today to speak NO CO LOCATION! We dont NEED or WANT a charter school in our middle schools! Our districts are not failing. Seth Low is an A school. We have wonderful elementary schools in the area. I dont think people realize that these charter schools operate with a lottery system. ANYONE in NYC can apply. Having a charter school in Seth Low does not mean that kids from our area will be attending.

  3. I would like to know what schools are failing? PS 205, 247, 177 are all good schools!!! How do you define a failing school?

  4. The only bad school in our district is Shallow, which has been bad since the 90’s. I know I was attending that school at it’s peak in the early mid 2000s. Mediocre staff, horrible Principle. Bloods, Latin Kings, and Flying Dragons gang rivalry fights every week. The school was separated into mini schools (now called “academies”) to stop the violence but the school was still bad. I remember the school installed cameras in the stairways, and the kids destroyed them.

  5. I define as failing a school which is not able to bring at least 3/4 of its students to pass state tests. How do you define non-failing?

  6. I am zoned for PS 226. Only 26% of 3rd graders passed Math state exam on satisfactory level last year. THAT I define as a failing school.

  7. My daughter goes to IS 281. And my son will be there in about three years so please don’t take our school away from the little ones that are coming. I have no problem with charter schools I just have a problem that they could spend millions of dollars in commercials but can’t open there own school Stay out our schools and open your own. We wont have enough room for our kids. And IS 281 is not bad school. Ps 90 is….