Southern Brooklyn

CB15 Chair: Removing Lundy’s Sign a Violation


(Photos by Ray Johnson)

The lettering and awnings of the historic Lundy’s building have been taken down by the new tenants, Cherry Hill Gourmet Market, in what Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo says is a possible violation of Landmarks Preservation Committee orders.

Scavo has contacted Landmarks Preservation and says, “If we find out that they were not supposed to be removed, they will be put back. Landmarks cannot claim that we have not been in touch with them.”

Three sets of signs on the Ocean Avenue side of Lundy’s have been taken down. Additionally, all retractable awnings over the windows were removed. It also appears work has been done to the windows themselves, as now two windows are able to be opened. In the past, only one window, near the bar, was functional. According to Scavo, the signs and awnings are believed to be protected by the Landmarks Preservation Committee, as Lundy’s is a historical landmark and Cherry Hill Gourmet Market was only issued permits for interior work.

“I’m assuming that no one [from Landmarks] is there to supervise, because otherwise they would know what is going on with the landmark,” said Scavo. “I don’t know how they can be in their building in Manhattan and see how the work is going on over here.”

Scavo has contacted Landmarks about the issues. No one was able to pull the permits and explain what work was permissible, she said. She expects to hear back from officials today about the work.

“I sincerely believe that a closer eye should have been kept on the work that is going on,” she said.

– with additional reporting by Ray Johnson