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Cats Claim Abandoned Lot On Avenue Z


A family of stray cats are staking a claim to the garage and attached lot on the corner of Avenue Z and East 16th Street. A group with similar patterns have been seen stalking the grounds, poking through garbage for scraps, and sitting in the sun.

We caught these photos on Tuesday. They’re of two separate cats. They’re pretty handsome, but that doesn’t mean they’re exactly welcome in the neighborhood.

As for the lot – a former garage – it’s been closed for years. It’s a pretty large stretch of space, but we’ve heard whispers that the landlord wants an absurd amount of cash. On top of that, underground fuel tanks have leaked, we’re told, requiring the next owner to clean up before building.

It’s a shame. A bookstore or other business would find that spot purrrfect.

Yeah… I said it.

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  1. maybe we can start a pool for spade/neuter and shots for anybody willing to rescue the cats. of course the spade/neuter and shots are for the cats and not the nice people willing to do so. 😉

  2. I've seen those two picking through garbage on the nights before pickups. They'll even cross Avenue Y on Tuesday nights. I'm glad they seem alright; winter is rough on cats,

  3. If the underground tanks have leaked, then the DEP should be warned about this. Force the current owner to pay for the clean up or risk fines.

  4. This site was a former gas station and garage. The property must go through a process called remediation. This means, the sub-tanks must be removed and the soil must go through a remediation process. No construction can occur until remediation is complete and soil samples are taken and proven to have only safe amounts of chemicals. This process is extremely expensive and takes quite a bit of time because so many City Agencies are involved.

  5. It's actually DEC, not DEP, that deals with tank leaks. Hopefully they will make the old owner chip in for the remediation! Even so, with so many stores in the area sitting vacant or closing, it might be a long time before anyone besides the cats takes an interest in the lot…

  6. How would you feel if someone scooped you off the street and ripped your balls out? Not very much I'm sure.

    I bet those cats help keep rats out of the area, leave em alone.

  7. Who does own that plot anyway? There's no reason this perfect plot of land should just be sitting there. It seems to me like a perfect spot for a flea-market in Sheepshead Bay. The plot needs some landscaping to clean away all the weeds, twigs and garbage. The owner could make sure the garage is secure so nobody can go inside (it's most likely dangerous in there), and the cement yard would be perfect for a small market. Whomever owns it could at least let the community use it till its sold, who knows maybe it will attract the attention of someone who can actually buy it.

  8. People aren’t cats. Stray cat population is already overpopulated. Countless shelters in New York is already inundated with homeless cats. In this past 12 month period, nearly 7500 cats are euthanized by the city shelter.

    Now we have reports coming in that people are poisoning the stray cats. They need to be spayed and neuter before it gets out of hands. How many more unwanted kittens are to be born into this world where the city has to put them down?

    The best option to go about dealing with this cat “problem” is the TNR program:

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