Caton Ave Menorah Raises Safety Concerns, Loses Power


Caton Avenue Menorah

After it rained earlier this week, some neighbors on the Kensington/Windsor Terrace listserv debated the safety of the electrical wiring of the large menorah set up over the Prospect Expressway on Caton Avenue by Chabad of Kensington.

Then yesterday, the cord was cut, and a Chabad rep tells the Brooklyn Paper that they are aware that it had happened, but they don’t know who did it.

So for now, it looks like the menorah will stay dark. When it still had power, did you see the wiring and think it was unsafe?

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  1. That thing is the most shamefully rickety Menorah in Brooklyn – it’s like putting out a Christmas tree with one ripped piece of tinsel and a string of blown out lights with browning needles. Have some pride in your objects of worship, Chabad!

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