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Catch The V-Spot’s Alex Carabano on Tonight’s Premiere of “The Job”


alex carabano the job via CBS

While you’re snowed in tonight and running through your Netflix queue, take a break and switch over to CBS at 8:00 p.m. to catch the series premiere of The Job. The reality competition, which functions as the most high-pressure job interview you could imagine, features what might be a familiar face: our very own Alex Carabano, owner of The V-Spot.

Each episode focuses on a a “dream position” in a major company, and the team of five contestants who compete in various challenges for the chance to make it theirs. On tonight’s episode, Alex (pictured above) fights to be assistant manager at one of Palm Restaurant‘s 25 upscale steakhouses.

Alex tells the NY Daily News of the difficulties he faced throughout the process. The panel of judges (interviewers? employers?) questioned the ease with which a person who runs a vegetarian restaurant could serve some high-class steak. And since The V-Spot is so much more of a “casual and relaxed” eatery, some gaps in service knowledge revealed themselves:

“I can’t say I was surprised by anything I was asked to do at the Palm,” says Carabano. “But there are definitely things you have to learn — like which side of the diner to stand on when you pour the wine.”

So there was “definitely” pressure at the Palm, he says. “But I enjoyed the experience. It was a very fair process and I understood why they did everything.”

Classic mistake of pouring the wine from the wrong side. But there’s more:


Find out tonight if Alex makes it past the wine faux pas to land the dream job. Hopefully The V-Spot stays up and running regardless of the outcome.

Photo credit CBS

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