Park Slope

Carroll St/PPW Block-Wide Stoop Sale This Weekend


Carroll St/PPW Block Association Stoop Sale
The weather is starting to be more accommodating to long walks around the neighborhood, and what’s better on a walk than finding a new-to-you treasure at a local stoop sale? The season for bargains is back, and a great block-wide stoop sale is coming up this weekend.

The Carroll Street/PPW Block Association — which is Carroll Street between Prospect Park West and 8th Avenue — is hosting a block-wide stoop sale on Saturday, May 17 from 9am-3pm to raise money for its annual block party, which means you can expect them to pull out all the stops (and pull out all the great stuff from their basements). Look out for good deals on old stuff, as well as lemonade stands and snacks.

Have you got a stoop sale coming up in the area? We’ll be bringing back our weekly roundup of weekend stoop sales soon, so let us, and the neighborhood, know about yours by posting it for free in our classifieds section, and we’ll include it in the roundup!

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