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Window Bashing Bandit Hits Cars On Shore Boulevard In Manhattan Beach



A burglar broke the passenger-side windows of at least five vehicles on Shore Boulevard and Beaumont Street in Manhattan Beach.

The vandalism appears to have taken place early Saturday morning. Reader Dimash sent in the accompanying photo and tip, saying that he notified the police.

“Can’t really blame mute swans for this,” Dimash writes in an e-mail.

Overnight car break-ins continue to be a frequent problem in Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach, and is a recurring topic at the 61st Precinct’s Community Council meetings. Thieves smash windows and ransack the cars for anything from loose pennies to GPS devices and merchandise left in the car. The precinct has said in the past that the perpetrators are often drug users seeking to fund their addiction.

Police continue to remind residents not to leave anything of value in an automobile, including pennies in the cup holder. While incidents have been reported all over the neighborhood, dimly lit streets like Shore Parkway in Sheepshead Bay are frequent targets. Try to park on a well-lighted block whenever possible.

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  1. Oh, I wish I had a parking space, whether indoors, or in a private outdoor lot somewhere in Sheepshead Bay, or our Neck Road Area! The situation is becoming worse than finding a spot in Bay Ridge or Park Slope! With our boom continuing, I don’t see this changing, and with more and more people seeing the area as one of the finest in Brooklyn, if not New York City, the dearth of finding suitably secure spaces will probably continue!

  2. We are being overrun by abandoned box trucks that are taking up many legal spaces. There are two under the Q overpass on Avenue V between 16 and 15 Streets since December. Never get a ticket and are never moved. Now I noticed some more on Ave Y under the B overpass. I wonder what is realty going on here? By the way, the box truck have plates and just sit there undisturbed by police and traffic enforcement.

  3. A little electric shock would also be a step in the right direction. I’d like to see a booby-trap that destroys the perpetrator’s cell phone, since, as we know, the cell phone is God of today.

  4. I caught someone doing this in the breakers condo and then continued going down ford st & Emmons. I tackled him off his bike, held his ass down with Biggie next to me and called the cops. His name is “Arthur Zaychik”. He’s a 19 yr old punk and is responsible for most car break ins around this area. Cops said he was no stranger to the system. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was him.

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