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Calexico Now Open On 5th Avenue


Calexico on 5th Ave by calexiconyc on Instagram
After a long period of anticipation, Calexico opened its Park Slope outpost at 280 5th Avenue, between 1st Street and Garfield, on Friday.

They’re offering a full menu, which you may be familiar with if you’ve visited one of their other locations in Greenpoint, Red Hook, or the Lower East Side (which have a few more options than what you can get at their carts, which are what the company started out as, and which still operate in Manhattan).

Their cart has won the Vendy Award for Best Street Food in New York City, and the Times has said their carne asada taco is so “terrific, with a punch of flavor so intense, it‘s hard to justify ordering anything else.” The burritos have gotten acclaim as well, with CBS naming them one of the five best in the city.

They’re still waiting on their liquor license at the moment, so they won’t be serving booze for the first few weeks.

Calexico first lunch by calexiconyc on Instagram
Until they get the liquor license, their hours will be 11:30am-11pm daily, and they are doing delivery: 347-254-7644.

Did anyone stop in this weekend? What’d you think?

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