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Burnt-Out Range Rover On Rugby Expected To Be Removed Within Days


burned car

If you’ve been concerned about the burnt-out Range Rover on Rugby Road (between Foster and DeKoven), we have some good news for you: The skeleton-of-a-vehicle is expected to be gone within several days, a worker at Community Board 14’s Department of Sanitation garage told us today.

Earlier this month, the car exploded into flames – which firefighters managed to quickly extinguish. We’ve learned from neighbors who spoke to the FDNY that the cause was likely something wrong with engine. 

After the fire was extinguished, neighbors asked the owner to remove the wreck from the street – there were concerns about it being a magnet for vandalism. While neighbors noted the owner was polite to them, he wished instead to remove the license plates and leave the vehicle for the city to remove.

Let us know if that happens (or doesn’t) – you can shoot us an email at editor@ditmasparkcorner.com.

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  1. Wow, watching it catch fire must have been scary as hell. Did it turn out to be a magnet for vandalism, in the end?

  2. The registered owner can be fined for dumping it it was registered. One would assume that such a high value vehicle would be insured and that the insurance company would take the vehicle.

  3. we don’t know how old the thing was, if it was a 20 year old vehicle it wasn’t high value. I’m not an expert but the headlight and the rim don’t scream late model to me.

  4. I wouldn’t really call a 10+ year old Land Rover Discovery in the high value. It has a poor reliability record, sucked more gas than a V10 pickup, and typically have depreciated to below $4,000 in good condition. When I mean poor fuel economy, it was EPA 12mpg combined and often does single digits in extra urban. The insurance company would be in a loss to attempt to do anything with this vehicle. This is a Discovery II facelift year with was only sold as a 2003 model.

  5. Yep. To distinct features that identify the car. First, its a discovery two series with that odd ball green house design on the back. The second is the headlights identifying the model as the refresh as the original design has square reflectors over the embedded circles.

    I remember being in one and thinking of the giant lump of rolling turd as the engine, suspension, and transmission made themselves quite apparent on how awful they were.

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