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DiLeo Brothers Opening Dyker Heights Gourmet Burger Joint Next Week

The CEO burger. (Courtesy of BurgerFi)
The CEO burger. (Courtesy of BurgerFi)

It’s happening! We watched the signage go up, and now local restauranteur brothers Nicholas and John DiLeo have announced the debut of their new gourmet burger and craft beer franchise location in Dyker Heights.

BurgerFi will open its doors for business on Monday, July 18 at 11am at 719 86th Street, on the corner of 86th Street and 7th Avenue.

The Dileo brothers, who have been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years and own neighboring restaurants Dyker Park Bagels and Annabelle’s Pastaria, told us they were excited to continue serving their neighbors.

“My brother and I look forward to serving the vibrant community of Dyker Heights and sharing our passion for high-quality ingredients in our hometown,” said BurgerFi franchise owner, John DiLeo. “We invite families to celebrate the summer season with our unrivaled better burger offerings made from fresh ingredients in a fun, family dining atmosphere.”

Brothers Image
The DiLeo brothers (Photo courtesy of BurgerFi)

The 2,500-square-foot restaurant has a seating capacity for approximately 60 patrons inside their dining room and patio seating for 28. The space also features various eco-friendly elements including:

  • Picnic and four-top tables made from over 700,000 upcycled milk jugs
  • Industrial-style chairs with select red chairs made of 111 upcycled Coca-Cola bottles
  • Wood panel walls made from the most renewable timber available —Number 2 southern pine lumber
  • Two sleek 10-ft fans that consume 88% less energy
  • 100% recycled paper countertops
  • 100% energy efficient LED lighting

Known for delivering the all-natural burger experience in a fast-casual environment, BurgerFi has a commitment to quality food that ensures no steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals or additives are ever used. In addition to using Angus beef that is humanely raised and sustainably farmed, all recipes are created from natural, fresh ingredients that require team members to cut, chop, mix and prepare daily.

(Courtesy of BurgerFi)
(Courtesy of BurgerFi)

BurgerFi’s offerings showcase chef-driven menu items, including their newest CEO Burger featuring two Wagyu and brisket blend beef patties, savory aged Swiss cheese, homemade candied bacon-tomato jam and a garlic truffle aioli sauce. Additional menu features include their made-in-house VegeFi burger, Vienna hot dogs with all the fixings, fresh hand-cut fries and onion rings served with house-made sauces, frozen custard, natural sugar cane sodas, and a variety of craft burgers. Guests can also choose from a variety of local craft beers and red and white wine selections to pair with their burgers.

The Brooklyn location will serve lunch and dinner Monday thru Sunday. Hours of operation are Sunday – Thursday, 11am – 10pm, and Friday – Saturday 11am – 11pm.

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  1. I was hoping for decent and affordable burgers. With all those hipster buzzwords, I suspect I’ll be going elsewhere for my burgers. I figured the people who brought us the Chicken Ridiculous would be better attuned to the neighborhood’s demographics, but I wish them luck.

  2. Makes ya miss the days of going to White Castle and glomming 6-7 cheese burgers for 2 bucks..

  3. Actually, I’ve never been able to eat White Castle burgers. They really bomb my belly in unpleasant ways. But, I did used to love their fish fillet sliders.

  4. I remember the days when there were White Castles all over Brooklyn, & Kosher Delis too, Too many changes.

  5. I am 50, and I’ve only ever kniwn the White Castle on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. I don’t remember any others.

    The Mill Basin Deli is still going strong, and it is worth the trip from

  6. The burgers are $7 – $10. That is the going price for a good burger. These are good looking burgers and the as you call them hipster ingredients are just quality, unlike the crap you get at your $4 fast food burger joints.

  7. White Castle had/has its place. There is nothing like them. There was one at 86th St and Stillwell and until last year on 4th Ave in the 30s.

  8. I’ve had gourmet burgers at high-end places, including Kobe beef, and none of them has been any tastier than a Wendy’s or the Bison burger at the Vegas. I’ve done blind taste tests of organic produce vs the usual stuff, and they were indistinguishable. The whole organic, sustainable, farm-to-table movement is just a scam to trick gullible suckers into paying more for the same products. Fools and their money…

  9. I agree on the organic thing and farm to table. My point was that it is not over priced or hipster. The BurgerFi burger is 75¢ more than a burger at Vegas. Also, it is a chain in over 20 states so it is my no means hipster. What got me was the negativity on place that has not opened yet. —-Feel free to respond but I am done.

  10. There are still some white castles in Brooklyn. (3 in Coney Island alone). And there are also Jewish delis still throughout the 5 boroughs. (Mill Basin Deli / Jay & Lloyds are two that come to mind)

  11. There was Lulu’s On Brighton Beach Ave, There was one on Sheepshead Bay Road, There was one on the corner on ave. U, there was another one on Nostrand Ave. near Ave. W, Mill Basin has gotten so expensive & Jay & Lloyds is too danky, By the way where in Coney Island are these White Castles?. I could eat a stack & be in burger heaven. There used is to one near 42h street & Fort Hamilton Parkway, , One on Penn.& Ave, Empire Blvd.

  12. I hadn’t had a chance to look at the menu prices, and I happen to know and like the Dileo family, so I will give the place a chance. I was responding to the advertising. I get that it will probably drive a lot of business to the place, and that’s great. All I need to know from a burger place is that I’ll get a good burger with good toppings. Using questionable labels reduces my immediate desire to try it, and it’s never good advertising to deter any potential customer.

  13. According to their website, there are no White Castles in Coney Island. The Brooklyn locations are:

    846 Lefferts Ave
    42-02 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
    3101 Atlantic Ave
    900 Pennsylvania AveThere should still be a few good Jewish delis in Brighton Beach.

  14. The Russian Jews have never been big on Kosher Deli, When I go to Mill Basin, there are Italians, American Jews, Blacks, Irish, No Russians they are mostly into sushi & Turkish, Not even Chinese which most of us love.

  15. I was in Coney Island last week and i counted 3. One on the Boardwalk near the carousel. One across the street from the cyclone and one in a trailer near the entrance to soarin eagle coaster. They are alll white castle express though. Maybe that is why they were not listed

  16. That could be, joe. Will have to keep that in mind next time I feel like getting their fish sandwich again.

  17. Wow! so much to do about a burger, all I have to say is my husband and I have been eating at Burgerfi since it opened and we think they are great, fries and onion rings are good too. As far as White Castle goes, wake up it’s not the 70’s anymore I loved them after a hard night of partying but as they say it’s time to move on. As far as deli goes I still go to Katzs in NYC that’s the best! Just a bklyn girls 2 cents and btw Annabelles is fantastic food also!!!

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