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Burger King On Knapp Street Closed For Good!

Photo by Robert Fernandez

Oh. My. Goodness. Isn’t this America? We thought this was America. We believe it is, and, yet, in less than six months two fast food chains – McDonald’s and Burger King – have shuttered in Sheepshead Bay. It must be a tough economy…

We noticed it yesterday, but we’re told the 2481 Knapp Street location closed on Saturday. According to a worker who was there yesterday taking out kitchen equipment, the landlord refused to renew the lease.

The employee does not know what is planned for the property, which is now entirely stripped of all Burger King signage, except for the large sign on the pole in the parking lot.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this.

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  1. Historic. A Burger King that stood for over a generation directly across the street from the waste treatment facility. When I was Kid Fatty, the waste treatment smell was tolerable in order to get that cheeseburger. Now, older and wiser, that smell is probably better for me than the food at Burger King. I hadn’t been to this one in years – was it remodeled like a lot of the others around here with a tribute-to-Hollywood Jack Rabbit Slim’s rip-off motif? What an odd sub-theme by the franchise owner but better than the Burger King Mascot anyway.

    I think we all know what’s coming to replace it…SHAKE SHACK. 

  2. This has nothing to do with the economy and more to do with the fact that people, even in Brooklyn, are realizing what crap these establishments put in their foods.  Things like ammonia, pink slime, thickeners, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, preservatives, palm oil have no place in our food!

  3. WTF?! Burger king has been there forever. What now..wait wait don’t tell me…. LUXURIOUS WATERFRONT CONDOS. Remember when you used to go to funtime and then head right next door to Burger King? Those were the days.  Sad sad times we live in now.

  4. BK right next to sanitation lot and waste removal system. Pasted there a few times and was unable to count the rats running around. The are probably planning on extending the garbage dump. Sheepshead Bay is one big commode.

  5. New York City has never been America. It’s always beem New York City. And Brooklyn is a galaxy as big as Manhattan in our Universe.

    I  remember a time when there were no McDonalds or Burger Kings here. No 7-11s either. One couldn’t even buy a Dr. Pepper. We would see ads and be filed with wonder about such things. Why were they not here? Perhaps there were laws preventing such things in those days. There was of course Big Daddy’s for fast food on Coney Island Avenue, and chains like Wessons that were not quite as convienent Many needed to travel very far to enjoy such cullinary pleasures.

    Slowly, starting in the late 1960s, the chains fought their way across the mighty Hudson and assaulted New York with hamburgers of various sizes. One day I woke up to realize that the invaders had won, there were McDonald’s and Burger Kings everywhere. And 7-11s were taking up a rear action. They were all drinking Dr. Peppers! They had tempted us to defect with French Fries you could smell miles away. Many defected, and so terms of peace were ratified. Big Daddy’s and Wessons slunk away, mortally wounded casualties of the fast food war.

    But like Rome, every fast food empire has it’s day. I suppose that there will still be some remote outposts of McDonald’s and Burger King. But their days of glory are behind them. And even 7-11 will eventually meet the same fate. such things are inevitable.

    And who drinks Dr Pepper anymore?

  6. It’s Wetson’s not Wessons… And I love Diet Dr. Pepper.

    Before all of those we had Burger Flame, originally with car hop service!

  7. It’s been a long time since Wetson’s has been in business here. I vaguely remember one where a Wendy’s now stands across the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

    I don’t remember Burger Flame, to be honest.

  8. Out in Bay Shore on Long Island, there was a Wetson’s, right next to a Wesson’s back in the early 70’s. 

    And Wetson’s is still around, sort of anyway. It’s now the horrendous BBQ chain called Dallas BBQ.

    The year is 1936 and Carl and Grace Wetanson open a “Grace’s Hot Dog Restaurant” that began a four generation family-run restaurant operation. The historic “Wetson’s Hamburger” icon chain grew in the 1960’s to almost 100 units dotting the landscape of New York City and surrounding areas. The 1980’s brought Dallas BBQ and the 1990’s brought Tony’s DiNapoli to the New York City restaurant scene.The Wetanson family has provided New Yorkers the most outstanding dining at the most outstanding value for over 75 years.

  9. The Kings is dead; long live Wendy’s!

    But seriously, I only ate there a few times in all the years it was two blocks from my apartment. However, it served as an ideal spot to tell visiting friends coming off the Belt Pkwy. to make a left at Burger King

  10. seems to be that a lot of business in the neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods are going out of business due to ridiculously high rents… 

  11. what’s wrong with shake shack? I was at one in the city, the burger was excellent, the shake was, and when the bill came, I was surprised how reasonable it was. I don’t understand, seems like everyone objects to everything! NO fast food, no sushi, no shake shack, no expensive Russian stores, no inexpensive dollar stores, what do we want here?

  12. E.J Korvette’s. The Flame. Me thinks. As old as I am.
    Lisanne can we not be too specific? Fifties is enough. LOL

  13. I vote for both.  Still, something is missing…  Ah, I know – shooting range!  Sure do not want to drive to Florida…

  14. I had just left the drive-thru with a bag of cheeseburgers and was eating one when I inadvertently cut in front of a police car. “Put down the cheeseburger, and watch where you’re going!”, the female cop blared over her loudspeaker. How did she know? I didn’t get a ticket, but, with forensic instincts like that, she’s probably made detective by now.

  15. I remember Big Daddy’s, E.J. Korvettes at Caesar’s Bay, and the Wetson’s on Empire Boulevard and Flatbush Avenue, and, of course, we’ve always had White Castles.  When I was in high school on Long Island around 1962 or so, we had a Burger Square, a Wetson’s, and eventually McDonalds.  Back then, a hamburger was only 15 cents.  Burger Square didn’t have a drive-thru, but I had a loudspeaker under my hood, so I would order my burgers from the parking lot, custom made with no tomato or onions, and then pick them up when they were ready.  I also vaguely remember eating at McGinnis’ of Sheepshead Bay with my parents, and I remember when a Shore Dinner at Lundy’s cost less than lunch at Nathan’s costs today.  Where did the time go?

  16. I also remember the Wetson’s at the other end of Empire Blvd at Utica Avenue.  And the Big Daddy’s two blocks away at Utica Avenue and Rutland Road.

  17. I vaguely remember a Wetsons opposite what is now Kings Plaza. Do you remember the night Bagel Nosh Burned to the ground?

  18. I wonder if the trampolenes were replaced by go-karts.  I lived at that time near Utica Avenue and Rutland Road and it seemed that everything we had at that corner was mirrored near Flatbush and Avenue and Avenue U.  We also had a trampolene and a kiddie ride almost identical to Buddy’s Fairyland, a white building called Discount King.  The owner also built an identical building across from Buddy’s. We each had a Floridian Restaurant, though maybe not at the same time as well as an A&P. It was wierd.

  19. The mini golf course was on Ave S and Flatbush, where rite aid is now and there used to be a go cart track which is now the Floridian.

  20.  I’m just curious…. if people are starting to realize how bad this shit food is for you, why is McDonald’s still standing?

  21. That was the first BK in Brooklyn.It opened about 1972.When places like Mcdonalds and BK close up,you know the area is changing.The new residents don’t like fast food chains,or any of the old places.

  22. Don’t worry. There is one on Utica Ave across from the floridian and another off the belt a few blocks north on Rockaway Parkway. Should still be one near Brooklyn College too.

  23. correctamundo…you cant blame the economy on this one,a bad economy usually leads more people to these nasty fast food shops.Although if anyone has been watching those viral videos of how they make there food that can make people cross the street just walk by one of these restaurants 

  24. I hope they knock it down and make a flee market that people can rent a table,sell socks or some crap and make some extra cash.I think these days that would do well.I remember my parents bringing me to the one on Emmons ave years ago,how packed was that…and fun,until i got confronted by an angry dog that i mistook for Marmaduke

  25. This is beyond ridiculous now. The entire town of Sheepshaed bay is closing .
    Look at all the closed stores

     and far worse is any place that has food .

     Pathmark has been closed for 11 months .

     Kenedy chicken closed for 2 years

    Mama brown bbq/ amazing heros closed for 16 months .

     Pizza Hut and kentucky Fried chicken closed for several months
     and if all of this is not bad enough..

     Our beloved Roll N” Roaster closes this summer.

     Is there any other town that has NO fast food places left at all
    other than barren sheepshaead bay ?  Except for the one McDnald’s on Nostrand & W
     There is not a single FF place that you can get to without a long bus ride

     No White castles
    No Burger King
    No Wendy’s
    No Kentucky or Kenedy fried chicken
     no roy Rogers
    No Popeye’s
    No Taco Bell

     And I have also been told that sheepshead Bay HS is also

      Pretty soon the entire town SHB will be closed



  26.  My family would go every Wednesday night to Burger Flame.  Because we were regulars, they’d always give us the the big table in the corner with the padded seats. 

  27. I remember when that burger king had a childrens amusement park, looked to me like the one that used to be on emmons ave, it had a minature train that went around the perimeter with a crossing pole that went down to block foot traffic when the minature train ride came through. When it was on emmons it was a few blocks from Lundy’s. I could swear they moved those same rides over to this burger king

  28. yes the Wetson’s was across the street from what is now KP I lived on T and Flatbush and was crushed when they widened Flatbush….Carvel and Kwik Burger that was next door both gone as well as the Sunoco gas station right on T. we lived in the brick row houses directly behind those stores!

  29. Wetson’s? I can’t believe I am responding to a three year old posting. But belated Kudos to the Wetson family for all the money they gave to Denis James and his needed but exploitive Telethon for Cerebral Palsy.

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