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Burdock The Cat Up For Adoption & Lost Cats Around The Neighborhood


Burdock 2

Neighbor Miriam is moving across the country, and she let us know that she needs to find a home for Burdock, a cat who appeared in her yard after Hurricane Sandy.

“She was wild, and it took me a long time to gain her trust,” Miriam wrote to us about Burdock, who’s now 3 years old. “But now she’s been fixed, is in great health, and has had all her shots.”

Because Burdock wouldn’t do well with the trauma of a cross-country move, Miriam is looking for a neighbor (preferably one with a yard) to care for the cat.

Burdock 1

“She’s finally become more of a pet than a feral cat, though she prefers to be outside,” Miriam wrote. “She’s very sweet, if a little skittish. She’s recently become much more cuddly, but may never be much of a lap cap. But she’s low-maintenance – and very, very rewarding.”

If you think you could provide a good home for Burdock, send Miriam an email at burdockthecat@gmail.com.

We’ve also noticed a couple missing cat posters along Church Avenue recently – keep an eye out for these adorable guys too.


Mono, who is 2 years old and orange in color, disappeared around Turner Place and 8th Street about seven weeks ago, after being scared by a raccoon. If you see him, please call Francis at (347) 410-4732.


Another orange/ginger cat was last seen near Argyle and Church on Friday, August 22. The owners believe he could be trapped in a basement or garage. If you see or hear him, please call (718) 462-9191 or (917) 520-0665.

If you know of other lost animals, let us know! You can email us at editor@ditmasparkcorner.com.

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