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Brooklyn Lyceum To Reopen Monday Following Snow-Related Plumbing Issues


Brooklyn Lyceum Closed for Plumbing Issues
The Brooklyn Lyceum has been closed this week to deal with plumbing issues caused by snow, according to this sign posted on the sidewalk outside of the massive building at 227 4th Avenue at President Street.

The former public bath house that’s on the National Register for Historic Places hasn’t always been in the best shape since owner Eric Richmond converted the building in the 1990s. The lights have occasionally gone out during events, but there haven’t been many issues we’ve heard of lately — according to a nice review, last weekend’s Charlie Chaplin event seems to have been a hit.

They plan to reopen on Monday, February 24, so you can stop by the Market Place for coffee and some baked goods, or drop in to use their recently introduced co-working space — has anyone used the space to work in? How’d you like it?

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