Western Brooklyn

Brooklyn Leads Manhattan In Job Growth, City Stats Show

(Courtesy: Flickr)
(Courtesy: Flickr)

Brooklyn has the fastest job growth of any borough in New York City, even outpacing Manhattan, according to a recent economic report from the city.

Employment rates in Brooklyn soared 11.6 percent — almost twice the 5.94 percent growth in Manhattan, towards the end of 2015, an analysis by the Economic Development Corporation shows.

The report says, overall, the city had an average increase of 7.14 percent. Outer boroughs did fairly well at 8.96 percent.

However, Manhattan added 118,396 more jobs, compared to 100,935 two years ago. As for Brooklyn, 2012 and 2013 saw a job market spike from 31,438 to 58,444.

“We’re working to fight income inequality one job at a time,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We’ve been targeting investments towards historically underserved communities, and focusing on both raising wages and creating accessible, middle-class jobs. And the data shows we’re already seeing real results.”