Brooklyn Half Marathon Will Close Grand Army Plaza & Other Local Roads


Brooklyn Half Marathon at Grand Army Plaza by nickperez
Ahh, the Brooklyn Half Marathon! The tenacity of runners, the triumph of spirit — the pain of trying to get around. This Saturday, May 17’s event will result in road closures around the borough from 7-10:30am. Here are the stretches to watch out for (nearby strips in bold) via the DOT:


  • Washington Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Empire Boulevard
  • Empire Boulevard between Washington Avenue and Flatbush Avenue
  • Flatbush Avenue between Empire Boulevard and Grand Army Plaza
  • Grand Army Plaza (Entire Circle)
  • Ocean Avenue between Flatbush Avenue and Parkside Avenue
  • Parkside Avenue between Ocean Avenue and Park Circle

Route (In Prospect Park):

  • West Lake Drive between East Drive and South Lake Drive
  • South Lake Drive between West Lake Drive and East Lake Drive
  • East Lake Drive between South Lake Drive and East Drive
  • West Drive between East Drive and West Lake Drive

Route (Continue Below):

  • Park Circle between South Lake Drive and Ocean Parkway entrance ramp
  • Ocean Parkway between Ocean Parkway entrance ramp and Surf Avenue
  • Surf Avenue between Ocean Parkway and West 12th Street
  • Boardwalk between West 10th Street and Stillwell Avenue
  • West 10th Street between Surf Avenue and Boardwalk

You can see the race’s full route here. Good luck to all of our neighbors running this year — and, for that matter, to those who aren’t!

Photo by nickperez

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  1. The Greenmarket is still on! It’s actually a pretty fun day to do some shopping and cheer on the racers passing by (and it’s not too hard to access as a pedestrian).

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