Brooklyn Flea To Take Over PS 321 Flea Market


PS 321, via Facebook

PS 321 announced yesterday that their weekly flea market will undergo an exciting change in management next month:

We are excited to announce that the Brooklyn Flea will be taking over the flea market that takes place on Saturdays and Sundays outside of PS 321 beginning Columbus Day weekend! Founded in April 2008, Brooklyn Flea has grown into one of New York City’s top attractions, operating flea markets every weekend of the year that feature vendors of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques, as well as a tightly curated selection of jewelry, art, and crafts by local artisans and designers. We hope you will all enjoy this new addition to our neighborhood!

The market will be smaller than Brooklyn Flea’s other locations in Fort Greene and Williamsburg, bringing around 40 vendors to the school’s playground. The PS321 Flea Market, aka the Park Slope Flea Market, has been running year-round for decades, and it will be interesting to see if Brooklyn Flea keeps it up past November, when their other markets close.

Photo via PS321

  • ParkSlopePerson

    Does this mean that those vendors who have been at 321 for years are being pushed out??

  • Miss718

    Oh NO!!!! This is SO NOT A GOOD THING. Wow. I am seriously seriously sad to hear this terrible news. In fact, I was at the overpriced hipster-ridden Brooklyn Flea recently and after overdosing on Twee, happened to be passing by 321 that afternoon and commented to my husband later that I so much preferred it. SOB SOB SOB.

  • Sloper

    This actually stinks. Some of these vendors probably can’t afford the fees Brooklyn Flea charges for a booth.

  • Wendy Sacks

    Brooklyn Flea is very expensive for dealers so I’m afraid the vendors who’ve been selling there for years won’t be able to sell there anymore. I had predicted this would happen but I’m sorry that I was correct. As someone else said, here comes the overhyped overpriced Brooklyn Flea.

  • BKshopper

    haters gonna hate

  • ParkSlopePerson

    I happen to really like Brooklyn Flea, and, let’s face it, most of the vendors at 321 now are highly overpriced. But, still, I hope they don’t get pushed out now. they were there first and one of the major sources of income for 321

  • Matt

    This is great news! I’ve been to both flea markets and (no offense) the vendors at Brooklyn Flea market sell much more interesting things that I’m much more likely to buy (or enjoy looking at while pretending that I’m going to buy). You might call it over-priced, but you get what you pay for folks.

  • Bob van Pelt

    This is a very bad thing. One reason why the current market is great is because it actually still sort of resembles a flea market, where you can find cool stuff for cheap. I had a conversation with a vendor there last Christmas about how overpriced and yuppified the Brooklyn “flea” market is. What a shame. Park slope is really going under. But good for 321 PTA to rake in more cash. Will they send any in the direction of underprivileged schools with no PTAs because all the parents are poor and they are working five jobs to keep their heads above water now that their food stamps have been cut? Sorry for the rant.

  • kizmiaz

    Most of the stuff at the current flea market belongs in the garbage dump or sitting in the free pile on someone’s stoop. It’s maddening to see the playground off limits to children all year every weekend in favor of grumpy vendors and what is essentially landfill stock with price tags. It is interesting to see the “real Brooklynites” who grouse about the privatization of public space stand up for this routine exchange of a public play space for overpriced cast-offs. The Brooklyn Flea stuff is too twee for my taste but I’m in favor of this if it raises the standards for the merchandise and merchandisers, generates more money for the school, and (let’s hope) opens the playground back up for the kids in the winter months at least.

  • A Local

    If the current vendors want to stay, they should sell better stuff that allows them to pay higher rent. The 321 PTA has every right to maximize their rental income. These vendors need to operate just like every other business everywhere. Don’t blame the landlord when rent goes up…it’s simple economics.

  • ParkSlopePerson

    There are plenty of playgrounds in Park Slope, take your child to one of the others (or, even the one in the back!). That flea market is a major source of income for 321 which helps them keep their art and music programs and a teacher’s salary or two. Thank God for that flea market for 321’s sake!

    Now, as for the flea market itself, personally, I find most things way overpriced and rarely find anything I like. What is not overpriced looks icky.

    But, I do have a friend who sells comic books and stuff there and I hope somehow he is able to stay and make a living.

  • Marcia

    OK. this born and bred boomer has had it with yuppie puppies and in authentic flea markets!!! UGH….The current flea market had stuff you find a stoop sales and on the streets of old Park Slope…you know the neighborhood that had working class folks and middle class folks and a few wealthies who lived together and actually built a community!

    The vendors at the flea market that will not be there anymore were denied entry into Brooklyn FLEA and will open hopefully there own place. Will you make sure to write an article about that?!

  • Guest

    Brooklyn Flea has tried to make the Parkslope 321 Fleamarket what there Vanderbilt ave. curated market is, but here they get a failing grade.
    Without any care for anyone other than there bank accounts Brooklyn Flea gave the O. K. to a total of three previous long time vendors and two of those vendors sublet with two other original vendors, all other of the original vendors that applied to sell were turned down, yet when Eric Demby was interviewed he told all of the interviewers they wanted to work with all of the long time vendors.
    Eric also told the interviewers only one food vendor maybe two as we do not want to hurt the area restaurants, I guess that he had memory loss when this year they advertised ten food vendors! What happened to not wanting to hurt the area restaurants.
    Brooklyn Flea tells everyone on there website there is a long waiting list of vendors who want to sell, so I guess that is why there are spaces at Vanderbuilt ave, less than twenty vendors at the Parkslope Fleamarket and the newly opened Sunday Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg is barely half full.
    Treat people with respect you get respect, treat people like they are worthless and you get what you deserve! The Parkslope vendors were treated like less than trash.
    I have poled many people and the majority of opinion is that the only change they see is much less interesting items and higher prices, many of the regular buyers who shopped religiously at the Parkslope Flea now refuse to shop there or even go by to visit.
    The air is thick with dislike for Brooklyn Flea there curated flea and there lies!
    It’s extremely interesting how under the previous management if any vendor made the slightest noise someone on 1st street reported it ( guess they have bionic hearing)
    No vendors were allowed to setup past a certain point on 7th ave as it blocked the walkway, the sign on the wall states children are not allowed to play in or on the school area where the Fleamarket is during Fleamarket hours, well the sign was placed there many years ago by the City for the school, but I guess more money has changed all these previous rules.
    The school and city never did there due diligence only the fact that the school was about to receive more money and what they believed would be a better choice due to what they believed Brooklyn Flea’s reputation was but never took the time to substantiate.
    Well call it karma or retribution the universe takes care, Brooklyn Flea has now closed there Washington Fleamarket, there Philadelphia Fleamarket closed last year and they were thrown out of the park in Williamsburg so now they moved up the street on Kent ave for Sundays at Brooklyn Fleamarket, what’s next will they finally understand you will be treated as you treat others, so far they have removed the word respect from there business model.
    321 you have what you deserve, Brooklyn Flea has treated your school with the lack of respect you deserve.
    Anyone who needs to vent contact our new mayor or just call the school and complain, attend Cb6 meetings, call Brad Lander and tell them, let the world be your judge Brooklyn Flea.

  • Guest

    Saturday may 24th a total of eleven vendors at 321 Parkslope Brooklyn Flea, last Sunday they closed about 3:30 few vendors and no street walking traffic.