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Brooklyn Bloom, A New Cafe, Opens On Avenue U


Brooklyn Bloom, a new cafe serving coffee, baked goods and more, is now open at 1607 Avenue U.

The cafe replaces Donut Connection, which itself carried misleading signage, as most of the place was given over to El Mexicano Restaurant Y Panaderia Mexicana, which we once gave rave reviews for their chicken enchiladas mole.

We’re not sure when El Donut Conexión shuttered, but Brooklyn Bloom opened about a week and a half ago, an employee told us.

Welcome! We hope Brooklyn Bloom blossoms!

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  1. Jeez. I didn’t even catch that. This is becoming way too common in the neighborhood. Don’t the sign designers catch this, even if the business owner doesn’t?

  2. Almost as good as the typo at an Elmhurst eatery. They boast “Breakfast – Lunch – Diner”. Guess they are not open in the evenings.

  3. So are the new owners of this restaurant trying to tell us, that it is homemade food, meaning that it is made in the home and then brought to the restaurant? I don’t think so, but just had to post this.

  4. I went in there and I was not impressed. They were advertising Egg and Cheese on a roll, but refused to make it because it wasn’t breakfast. Ok no problem. I’m sure I can get the same thing at the bodega at the corner.

    They had some premade/grilled hotdogs with some other hot food. I asked for a hotdog instead and the girl looked at me and said they didn’t have hot dogs. I asked what I was looking at and she said sausages. These were clearly prepackaged hotdogs like Ballpark Franks. I asked if she was kidding and she said if I wanted the sausage I had to buy some lunch meal combo. The only other thing in the hot food area was a few chicken wings. The hell?

    Yea. I don’t know what they think they are doing aside from reselling baked goods they bought elsewhere (it’s all pre-packed in a fridge).

    I can’t stand places like this. If you’re gonna be a serious cafe that serves food then do it right. Hire a line cook right out of college so you can actually provide, I dunno, hot food?

    The girl was pretty damned rude too. Why would I ever walk back in there when there are two Korean Cafe’s and the uber legendary Donut Shoppe 1 block away?

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