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Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Turns Self In To Own Office For Wiretapping NYPD

Photo dug up on Facebook by the New York Daily News
Photo dug up on Facebook by the New York Daily News

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Tara Lenich, 41, turned herself in to her own district attorney’s office Monday, openly admitting the fact that she had forged documents to wiretap conversations between an NYPD cop she had a crush on and another woman, the Post reported.

“As soon as these allegations were uncovered, we conducted a swift and thorough investigation, immediately terminated the employee and ordered a comprehensive review of our protocols and procedures to make sure that this abuse of authority never happens again,” said a spokesperson for the Brooklyn DA’s Office. 

Lenich had previously been a deputy of the Violent Criminal Enterprise Bureau. Her Monday night arraignment revealed that Lenich had forged papers on 20 occasions, using the names of a multitude of judges, over a period of a full year.

She’s been charged with 20 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument and two counts of eavesdropping, according to the DA’s office. Lenich kept most of her illegally attained recordings in a USB on her desktop computer. 

As Assistant District Attorney, Lenich made an annual income of $60,209, according to FindTheData.com.

Her bail has been set at $25,000, and her case is on again January 30th.

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