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Brighton Man Arrested For Savagely Attacking His Barber

The barber shop at East 14th Street and Neptune Avenue (Source: Google Maps)
The barber shop at East 14th Street and Neptune Avenue (Source: Google Maps)

A Brighton Beach man turned on his Sheepshead Bay-based barber when he realized that the man who cuts his hair was carrying around some big bills. Brooklyn News reported that 35-year-old Joseph Tabaczek allegedly attacked and robbed the barber before being arrested.

The incident took place on June 30 on East 14th Street and Neptune Avenue, across the street from a barber shop. Tabaczek was smoking cigarettes with his barber and asked if he could borrow some money to go bet on races down at the Aqueduct Racetrack. The barber admitted to be carrying over $1,300 in cash but turned down Tabaczek’s request. Seeing the huge wad of cash that the barber was carrying, Tabaczek punched him several times in the head, grabbed the bills and ran.

Tabaczek was later tracked down by police with all the money stolen still in his pocket. He is being charged with assault and robbery.

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  1. what a moron, now he is gonna get charged with grand larceny over a haircut. what dumb idiots live in this neigborhood

  2. Committing a crime like that at 35? This worthless piece of shit is a waste of space, just execute him.

  3. This is more than a bad hair day. The guy’s probably a compulsive gambler, and his addiction drove him to this. Of course, I don’t think he’ll be getting another shave from this barber anytime soon.

  4. Seriously?

    “In New York, grand larceny refers to amounts of $1,000 or more. Grand larceny is often classified as a felony with the concomitant possibility of a harsher sentence.”

    Good thing you’re not a lawyer I suppose.

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