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Brighton Beach To Lose Met Foods, Gain Fancy Development Targeting National Retailers

Source: Commercial Acquisitions

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: After more than 30 years serving the community, Brighton Beach’s Met Foods supermarket at 100-120 Brighton Beach Avenue will close down to make way for a modern two-story office and retail complex.

The supermarket lost its lease to the building to a new tenant who plans to redevelop the property and sublet it out, Arsen Atbashyan, the owner of Commercial Acquisitions, which brokered the lease, told Sheepshead Bites.

Atbashyan negotiated a 49-year land lease, signed near the end of 2011, that gives the developer rights to construct a two-story building on an 18,000-square-foot footprint, with 30,000 square feet of retail and office space available.

Atbashyan said he’s expecting to sign some big brand names as tenants.

“We are currently in the process of just starting the marketing process and at this time no tenants are on the hook,” he told Sheepshead Bites. “But we do expect national tenants to come on board as the marketing goes on.”

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Source: Commercial Acquisitions

Met Foods will close in October when its lease expires, and construction will begin shortly afterwards, Atbashyan said.

The deal was three years in the making, as the developer, Joseph Zafarani, sought to buy the property outright from its owners, the Bonsignore family. However, the parties couldn’t come to an agreement on a sale price, and instead agreed to a long-term lease.

While this is good news for Zafarani, Atbashyan and Bonsignore, it does leave neighbors in a tough spot. With the area’s dense populations of senior citizens, and the nearest supermarket, Key Food, approximately a half a mile away, it’s likely to mirror the loss of Pathmark on Nostrand Avenue, which closed more than a year and a half ago and continues to fuel discontent among neighbors who cannot do their supermarket shopping within walking distance.

Source: Commercial Acquisitions
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  1. Sure, because we dont need a supermarket anymore. Instead we will have maybe a bank, pharmacy, liquor store. Or the good ole fashion doctors office ripping off the system.

  2. Yes.  Where is the elevated subway?  Will the footprint be the same as before? The buildings on Ocean Pkwy from Brighton Beach Avenue to Seabreeze Avenue are nicely set back with landscaping.  There is no buffer between the sidewalk and the building as you can see in the photo.  It looks that the building may be too high profile to fit naturally in that corner.  The first photo shows how the modern building clashes with the existing architecture of the arch. The second photo is misleading since it doesn’t include the Ocean Pkwy platform.  Won’t the size of the building reduce the amount of light that is already lacking in that area.  This may be a corner where a real modern facade won’t work. Just a few observations but it looks like a poor fit and should be redesigned. 

  3. This is a terrible idea.  Where are the Brighton residents going to grocery shop?  Yes, they have all those little food markets, but shopping in those places can get very expensive.  The closest supermarket to them will be Pathmark.  What a pain for those who don’t drive.

  4. This poses a hugh imposition and inconvenience particularly for senior and disabled residents in the area. I always shop for groceries for my mother who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s at the Met. Now I will have to haul her groceries in from elsewhere. There are no other supermarkets in the immediate area.

  5. Took a walk to the location this morning and saw that the large mural that faces the boardwalk will now be blocked by the new building.  See their drawing above and here is a photo of what will will be hidden. When will this project be presented to the community board?  This design should be voted down.  We should expect a design that integrates well with the existing structures and keeps the symmetry of that corner in a visually pleasing way.

  6. will they take over Jackies too?  My Doctor’s office is on that block, in their newly renovated building yet I dont see it in that drawing.. I dont see anything on that block but this building????  I dont see how that design fits into the MET’s footprint….  and where is the train station???   weird to present a drawing without showing the actual block conditions… 

  7. actually the closet supermarket would become the keyfood in Warbasse or Netcost behind the trump village shopping center… 

  8. there has to be a pedestrian walkway between the street and the building….otherwise everyone would have to cross the street to get into Brighton…  what it seems like, from those drawings is that this building will take over the entire block.  I wonder what the people who live in the hi-rises around the corner think of this change to their block.  

  9. 1) What national tenants would be attracted to that sight? We already have CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade and local pharmacies. And this is a neighborhood that’s predominantly senior citizen.

    2) Will there be any supermarkets left in Brooklyn???

  10. Where should people buy food now, especially older people. I see a lot of them in the neighborhood. Will the new owner deliver straight to their homes, or should they starve to death.   


  11. I say they try to get a TRADER JOES SUPER MARKET there. .. it would be very successful!!! Someone should bring that idea up to the guy who is leasing the building… plus it’s their perfect size.


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